Geylang International FC

We have to credit the players

“The first goal came in too fast,” commented Head Coach Mike Wong after the game. He felt that the early goal shocked the momentum of the team.

At one goal down, Mike thought that the Eagles had chances, especially efforts from Rizawan Abdullah, Jozef Kaplan and Michael King.

“Two nil is a bit difficult to come back. Rizawan needs more confidence and composure in future games. But its not just Rizawan. It is a common problem for a lot of strikers. But he must believe himself. I believe he will get his goal eventually. He is getting closer to it,” said Mike on forward Rizawan.

“At least we tried today, not very successful, but we tried. And we have to credit the players.”

“Yazid is Mr. Reliable, like I always mentioned,” commented Mike when asked about captain Yazid Yasin’s performance.

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