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Sultan of Selangor Cup 2013


The 12th edition of the Sultan Selangor Cup saw our veterans triumphing again this year, with Rafi Ali scoring the only goal of the game. The 2nd game was the main focus of the event, as always, but Patrick Vallée and his band of S-League brothers-in-arms fought valiantly but eventually lost 3-2 thanks to a Francis Forkey Doe double.

The Eagles were represented at the event by four of our members. Chairman Mr Leong Kok Fann and U18 Coach Mr Mohd Fairuz were both part of the Singapore Ex-Internationals contingent while ‘Captain Courageous’ Jozef Kaplan and Delwinder Singh were with the Singapore Selection team.

So it was, in the 59th minute, that the Eagles’ faithful, who were there at the Shah Alam Stadium, had reason to finally cheer when Jozef Kaplan came on.

Coming on as a right-midfielder, he made his presence known on the field almost immediately with his ceaseless running and physical play which gave the Singapore Selection side a much needed shot in the arm.

Firdaus, one of the fans present, felt the Selangor only came back into the game in the second half but was pleased with Jozef’s performance.

“I feel that our S-League selection team dominated in the first half but Selangor was the better team in the second half. Can see that they wanted the win more but Jozef was brilliant when he came on. He played simple and effective football.”

Tan Hwee Heng, another Eagles fan who was there, added, “Jozef came on and brought life into the right side of the pitch. He made an instant impact, held the ball well and he got style!”

We caught up with Jozef after the game and and he revealed what an amazing experience it had been for him to get to play in the Sultan of Selangor Cup.

“Yes it was a magnificent experience and there was a good crowd. The tempo of the game was high and it was a very tense atmosphere. I just jumped into the game and then we got the equaliser and I think maybe we could win but Selangor is a good and strong team so maybe they slightly deserve the win.”

Jozef also added that the experience will also help his footballing future and that overall, he felt that winning or losing did not matter as there were many positive things that can be taken from playing in the Sultan of Selangor Cup.

A beaming Geylang International Chairman, Mr Leong Kok Fann, also expressed that he always looks forward to the event. He believes that it is very good as it reminded people of the importance that sports can play in bringing people together across all generations.

“On top of that, secondly, us veterans also get to meet former opponents who are now our close friends like Soh Chin Aun and Santokh Singh. If not for this event, we will not get to meet them again. Finally, it is also how I always say that reaching out to the community is important in sports and this event did just that. We can see a lot of people coming together.”


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