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Spirited Eagles edged out by reigning Champions


It might have been a loss for the Eagles via a solitary goal but it was definitely a tremendous improvement compared to their first match against the strongest team of the season. Both home and away teams kept everyone on the edge of their seats right to the very end.

Seventeen minutes into the first half, Geylang goalkeeper Ito Takuma showed his class, providing no less than three fingertip saves for the Eagles from point blank range.

Even with tight defenses that led to possession of the ball, the Eagles missed many chances to score. Evidently, luck was not on their side as a goal at the fifty-sixth minute was deemed to be offside by referee, Muhd Taqi.

A minute added into half time made no difference as the score remained at deadlock for both sides.

In the second half of the match, Rovers midfielder, Jamil Ali, took advantage of a defensive mixup at the Eagle’s goal and scrambled in the only goal of the match to give Tampines a one goal lead.
Credit to the Eagles who showed no signs of crumbling and they took the games even more to Tampines with Jozef Kaplan and Yasir Hanapi spearheading the offensive play.

Just seven minutes before the ninety minute mark, a goal by the Rovers left fans cheering loud and proud which eventually turned to disappointment as it was deemed to be offside. It was a non-stop roller coaster ride as two minutes later, the Eagles missed two precious chances to score.

There were three minutes of added time at the end of the second half, but the Eagles could not catch up.

When asked on how Coach Kanakarajan Vedhamuthu felt about the game, he replied, “I think my boys played extremely well, looking at Tampines who are the power house of the league and they are very good players. But my boys accounted for themselves, first league we lost 5-0 but today I don’t feel that we deserve to lose. We gave them a very good fight with our players working hard. They deserve at least a draw.” “I think it’s all about experience, with a young team that I have, the eleven matches they played gave them a lot of experience through winning or losing, experiences that they carried through today,” He said proudly, when asked about the differences between the match then and now.

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