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Reaching out to residents in the HDB flats near Bedok Stadium

GIFC walkabout
Chairman Leong Kok Fann’s thoughts on his walkabout the HDB blocks around Bedok Stadium on 27th Feb 2015.


Fri , 27th Feb 2015 will be another memorable day for me !

At 3.45 pm , I visited Bedok Stadium unannounced & witnessed few players practising free kicks in the hot sun while waiting for training to commence . It was a delightful spectacle of Mustaqim pitting his chipping skills against Josef , Kento , Bruno and Farhan . The camaraderie and jovial exchanges were great teaching moments in community integration.

Following an intensive one hour work-out , the players were all smartly attired , ready for our planned resident engagement at 6 HDB blocks fronting the stadium.
With pride and confidence , the players greeted residents – young & old , invited them to our 1st home game against the Protectors , presented key chains and potato chips . The smiles and appreciation from residents made this simple initiative , a meaningful day for all of us!

My appreciation to Andrew & Jorg for their exemplary leadership ,Darren from Dreamatron – our sponsor , fellow MC members for their presence and last but not the least – the players for your enthusiasm , cheer and dedication to this community initiative.


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