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PJ Roberts and his new book, ” Mister Lee’s Fantastic Football Dream”

“Having spoken with Scott O’Donnell in depth about the S.League and Geylang United, I was excited by the opportunity to continue my career in Singapore and working with Scott. Having played football in many different countries, it’s always slightly different from place to place. When I came to Singapore the main thing I noticed was that for a relatively small country, the overall professionalism of football and the quality of play is quite remarkable. The ability to play in a national competition without having to spend large parts of your week traveling to get to games was another great benefit!”

Joining Geylang United from Sarawak FA in 2003, PJ Roberts played as a midfielder for the Eagles for one season before retiring from football. His injury became a blessing in disguise as he was invited for a screen test with ESPN Star Sports prior to quitting football. Currently still holding a position as a sports presenter and a TV pundit, he has taken time out of his busy schedules as a media personality to write and recently released a new book titled “Mister Lee’s Fantastic Football Dream”

When asked about his intentions on his new book, the ever passionate Roberts replied, “We wanted to write a story about a Singaporean boy who grows up with a love for football and the support of his family, so it was just a natural that he would end up with the very club that was responsible for bringing me to Singapore in the first place!”

During his time with Geylang in 2003, the team finished second in the league while narrowing losing out on the Singapore Cup after losing to Home United in the finals.

“I played with some great players during my time, from my fellow Australians in Peter Bennett and Brendon Santalab to the experienced statesmen of the team in Lim Tong Hai and Alexander Duric. The two best players of the to the emerging talent of the time were definitely Baihakki Khaizan and Hassan Sunny who were making their senior debuts as young 18 year-olds,” Roberts enthused.

When asked about how much has changed since his playing days in the S-League close to a decade ago, Roberts admitted that the local football scene support has dwindled down of late.

“In most ways it’s actually quite similar, but the thing that has changed the most is that local football now faces the challenge to remain relevant and entertaining to the local community given the easy access to all the top leagues around the world.”

Last but not least, when asked about Geylang’s chances of the league next year, Roberts replied with much optimism, “I’m positive about 2013. I think that the fundamentals are in place, both behind the scenes and on the pitch, for Geylang United to surprise anyone who doubts them in 2013. But Bedok Stadium once again needs to be a fortress for the Eagles!”

Once again, do not forget to check out PJ Robert’s new book, “Mister Lee’s fantastic football dream.” The book conveys It’s about the importance of balance in life  – the physical in sport, the intellectual in education, and the importance of family in everything we do!

If you have any questions for PJ Roberts yourself,there will also be a Meet the Authors session this Saturday! Details are as follows :

Meet the Authors of Mister Lee’s Fantastic Football Dream

Venue: Prologue at ION Orchard #04-16
Date: 8th December 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 2.30pm – 3.30pm



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