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Geylang International Football Club (GIFC) is pleased to announce that it has secured their first overseas sponsorship arrangement with Kata Group Resorts Thailand (KGRT) (

Under this one-year partnership, GIFC will be given the rights to market Phuket Orchid Resort & Spa (PORS) as a destination for family vacation and sporting activities . The Eagles will get a percentage of the revenue from the events and  rooms that it successfully markets for PORS each time.

“We thank Kata Group Resorts Thailand for giving us this opportunity to generate revenue for our club and look forward to working closely with Kata Group Resorts Thailand to transform our mutual passions to reality. Our aim is to bring our football across international borders, while Kata Group Resorts’ objective is to transform Phuket Orchid Resort & Spa into a destination for sports events, and we believe that the twain will successfully meet in this partnership,” said Mr Leong Kok Fann, Chairman of Geylang International Football Club.

Mr Leong added: “At GIFC, our approach to securing sponsorships and building good relationships is by ensuring win-win situations for both parties. This arrangement will motivate us to work hard to market Phuket Orchid Resort & Spa because the more events we organize there, the more money we can earn for the Page 2 of 3  club. The revenue streams arising from the sporting initiatives will be used to support our youth development plans.”

Mr. Pramookpisitt Achariyachai, an avid soccer fan who is both the President of KGRT and Thai Division 1 side Phuket Football Club said, “This sponsorship will bring about closer ties between KGRT and GIFC; and further enhance Phuket as a holiday destination of choice for Singaporeans. We believe we can leverage on the branding and tradition of GIFC.”

GIFC will mark the start of this partnership by organizing the inaugural Phuket 9s Juniors Soccer Tournament in June 2015. The event will replicate the success of the Singapore 9s Juniors which is into its 8th edition. GIFC will strive to arrange for at least four teams of U10 and U12 players to participate in the tournament.

Plans to organize other junior and senior tournaments at Phuket Orchid Resort & Spa over the course of the year are also underway, said Leong.

S.League Chief Executive Officer Lim Chin said: “I am pleased for Geylang International. This is an innovative arrangement that will also be a constant source of motivation for the club to want to do more. It is also an example of the club displaying out-of-the-box thinking and ideas to secure additional resources for itself.

“I wish both Geylang and Kata Group Resorts Thailand a successful and rewarding partnership.”

About Kata Group Resorts Thailand

The group is owned by Mr. Pramookpisitt Achariyachai, Chairman and Managing Director, a well-known and respected tourism icon and former President of the Phuket Tourism Association (PTA). The Group has 6 deluxe resorts situated in Thailand’s largest island Phuket as well as in Khaolak, Samui, and Krabi.

DSC_0349Mr. Glenn R. Ferrer, Asst General Manager of Kata Beach Resort & Spa with Our Chairman Mr. Leong Kok Fann.

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