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Meet 19 year old Syazani Wazien Bin Abdul Wahab, an Engineering student from ITE College Central who had earned himself a GPA of 4.0 last year and recently made the school proud by bringing the school soccer team reaching the semis in the annual ITE SC Games. He’s part of the H-Two-O Dream Team squad in 2013 that represented the nation and school in Malaysia.

Wazien had been marked as a role model and valuable player by some coaches and teammates because of his excellence performance although his team didn’t make it to the finals. We managed to interview some of his teammates and here what they said, “He’s a key player.. Although he is small size and a more attacking minded player when the coaches asked him to play more defensive, he did the job. We never think we can make it to the semis because ITE East and West squads are made up of some national and club players but he showed example to us how to be strong and work hard. No wonder Geylang signed him up with the prime league squad at the age of 17”.

We also managed to ask him some questions:

What it’s like to play for the school and Geylang?

“I feel very honored because there’s a lot of students that wanted to be in my shoes. I just want to make the school proud and do well for my studies. For Geylang I stopped for a while this year to concentrate on my studies and finish up my final year in ITE”

 How’s your footballing career so far?

“I had been training with Balestier Khalsa and SRC from NFL Division 1 side for a while but haven’t made up my mind for next year. Mr Subramani from Young Lions had approached me to play for the Dream Team again this year. If possible, I want to sign with Geylang again next year because I’ve been there since I was 15. The team manager Mr. Andrew knows me, I hope he will contact me again if the club is looking for prime league players.”

Where do you plan to go to after completing your education in ITE?

“I hope to get a good result first and i haven’t made up my mind yet it can be Singapore Poly, Temasek Poly or Republic Poly”

What advice would you like to give to the students in ITE?

“Education in Singapore is really important so just work hard, study smart and don’t give up on your dreams”

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