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Interview with Wahyudi Wahid

Wahyudi Wahid

He may not be the one banging in most of the goals but Wahyudi Wahid is an integral piece in a deadly equation that is the Eagles strike-force. The 23 year old threatens constantly with his pace and incisive runs, giving opposition defenders a torrid time.

Fans almost did not get a chance to see the diminutive forward in action though as he had left the scene to work elsewhere.

“My first club was Tanjong Pagar FC. I played for them when I was 15 years old. After that I got called up to play for the NFA U-16. My NFA stint was the best time because I got to travel a lot with them for training tours or tournaments. I even got to play in the Lion City Cup and AFF tournaments. I played for the NFA team for 3 years in the U-16 up to U-18.”

“So after NFA, I joined Geylang United prime league team. I played with them for 1 season after which I got called up for NS. So during my NS years, I could not play for Geylang so Home Utd call me up to play for them. Since I was in the Police Force, I played with them for 2 years. During those 2 years, I won 2 Prime League titles with them. So after I finished my NS, I came back to Geylang Prime League team. That year, we also became champions. So I won 3 Prime League titles back to back.”

As talented as this young forward is, football was surprisingly not Wahyudi’s first love when he started Primary School.

“I only started playing football when I was in Primary 2. My CCA was the School Band when I was in Primary 1 but when I saw most of my friends joining the football team, I switched CCA. I didnt know how to play! During my first training, I did not even have a pair boots. I used my school shoes as my boots. I finally got selected into the school team when I was in Primary 4, maybe for my speed and my shooting. My inspiration was my dad. He inspired me alot. He plays all kind of sports. You name it;  bowling, golf, football, archery and tons more. He was once a national Sepak Takraw player and he had also represented Singapore at the SEA games. He gave me a lot of advice, sometimes trained me and he will come down to support me for my matches.”

“My family have been supporting me ever since I started playing football and they have never stopped till now.”

It was after his first season with the Eagles’ Prime League squad that Wahyudi decided to strike it outside of the football scene. He could not stay away for long though, fortunately for us.

“After that season I decided quit and find a job outside. It only lasted for 10 months because I did not like the job and I missed playing! So that was when I called Coach Kanan and told him that I wanted to play again. He kindly offered me to come back to Bedok Stadium to play under him.”

Wahyudi Wahid has so far shown his appreciation to his coach by giving his all in every games and he has become very attached to his team-mates.

“I love this team. They are a great bunch of players. The bond is there with both local and foreign players. They are all very easy to get along with. Form-wise as you can, see we are progressing very well. Even though most of us are inexperienced and young, we always give our 100% and that is where we get results from.”

“My hopes for the near- future is for our team to win both the League cup and the Singapore Cup. That would be great!”

In order for Wahyudi to fulfil his hopes for the team, Geylang International FC must first tackle the Woodlands Rams tonight in what is gearing up to be a challenging prospect. The Eagles will march onto the field of battle without several key players and Wahyudi is wary of the outcome.

“We have met them twice and yes, we have not yet lost against them. They have both strong foreign and local players even so it is important that we must not be over-confident.”

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