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Interview with new signing, Stefan Milojevic!

“Yes, yes, he can.” was Coach Kanan’s reply when I first asked if Stefan is able to speak English well. Still, I feared the worst for the interview with Stefan because the only French word I probably know is… Bonjour.

Born in Serbia, Stefan grew up in Southern France, Monaco for most of his life.  To my surprise, Stefan’s command of English is really fluent especially for someone who spent most of his childhood in France.

“I picked up English during my 1 year in Birmingham and the players there have been a great help in helping me learn the language. My time spent at Birmingham City has really been memorable,” Stefan tells GUFC.

When asked if he was more Serbian or French, Stefan replied, “I hardly go back to Serbia now other than for holidays. I’ve lived in France most of my life and I really like it there. Nice weather, nice life, nice people!”

Stefan Milojevic joined his first club, Solitaire in Paris 18eme at the age of 10 and four years later, he proceeded to join the academy of 2004 Champions League finalist, A.S Monaco.

After 4 years in A.S Monaco, then manager, Steve Bruce signed him to play for Birmingham F.C in July 2007. However, things did not work out for him as well as he wished after Steve Bruce left the club in November 2007. He left Birmingham City in June 2008 and proceeded to play for three other French clubs namely CS Chenois, ROS Menton and USC Corte before joining GUFC earlier this month.  Stefan was introduced to GUFC by Robert Petrovic, a mutual friend of his parents. Robert Petrovic also runs a football academy in Singapore.

When asked about the difference between playing in France and Singapore he replied, “The football in France is more physical compared to Singapore. In France, we get knocked about a lot and there would be lots of tackles flying about whereas I feel in Singapore, defenders tend to stand off the ball more. But playing football here is more exhausting! The weather is really hot! I never thought Singapore will be such a humid country and the weather really surprises me.”

Stefan currently plays as a second-striker behind Michael King for GUFC and is relishing his role alongside King. His strengths are his game awareness and also his ability to provide defence-splitting passes from across the midfield.

“I’ve played several positions when I was younger but I felt that position I really excelled in is attacking midfielder,” Stefan said.

When asked how was he coping with adapting to the life in GUFC and his goals for the club, Stefan replied with much enthusiasm, “The players in GUFC are very nice people. They gave me a very good welcome and I have no problem settling in. The only thing that I need some getting used to is the weather! “

“In the short–term, I hope to be able to improve the squad and take the club into a better league position. Maybe in the next season or two, GUFC will be able to challenge for the title and my main long-term goal is to win something with GUFC,” Stephan said with a smile.

Stefan lives with his mum and stepfather in Singapore. He also has a younger brother of 13 years who is currently studying in a French school here. C.Ronaldo and Messi are his favourite players. His favourite moments of football are when France won the 98’ World Cup and when Zinedine Zidane headbutt-ed Marco Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup Final.

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