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Interview with Khayrulhayat!

“Hayat is really good in the air and he works really hard for the team. I’m surprised he didn’t make the S-League team under Mike Wong.” says Guo Guang, GUFC’s prime league player.

Having played for Sembawang Rangers, SAFFC, National Football Academy, SAFSA, Geylang United and Hougang United, Khayrulhayat is back at GUFC for a second time after spending half a season with Hougang United.

“It’s really great to be back at Geylang. I’ve played for the Prime League team for 3 years and made many friends. Even when I left for Hougang, I kept in touch with the boys here. During my days off, I will meet the boys for makan and catch-up. Therefore, I’m really happy to be back here and this is the place where I’m really familiar with,” Khayrulhayat said.

When asked what he missed most about GUFC he replied, “It’s the whole experience you know. Winning the Prime League title with the team last year has been the most memorable moment in my career so far and I really forged a bond with the Prime League players. It’s good to see that some of the Prime League players have been promoted to the S-League and I’m looking forward to playing with them.”

Khayrulhayat plays as a centre-back for GUFC and his strengths are his aerial ability to defend set pieces and his work rate. He moved to Hougang United during pre-season of the S.League and coach Kanan signed him back to GUFC for the rest of the season.

“I think the main difference between Geylang and Hougang is that the training here is more intensive. The way that the players play is also different. Hougang has several skilful individuals but Geylang has a more compact playing style and we play more as a team.” Khayrulhayat tells GUFC.

Talking about talented individuals, Khayrulhayat also holds Stefan, GUFC’s latest signing in a high regard.

“I think currently, Stefan is the best player in our team. Although he’s a new signing, he fits in really well and is very composed on the ball. He complements our playing style very well.”

“Being the two new signings of the season, I hope that both he and I will be able to improve the team and hopefully we will be able to finish the season somewhere in mid-table. Even if we do not perform well this year, I will use the remainder of the season to prepare myself of the upcoming season.”

While there’s only half a season left to play for, Khayrulhayat is certainly not resting on his laurels.

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