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Interview with Khayrulhayat Jumat

khayrulhayat jumat

The lanky and suave 25-year old Khayrulhayat Jumat have established himself this season as one of the local defenders to watch in the S-League as a part of the defensive equation which has made Geylang International a hard team to beat of late.

Khayrulhayat started playing at a very tender age, perhaps even earlier than most footballers. As such, it is testament to his natural ball control and well-calculated movements on the field.  A very nice person off the field, his opponents will find that on the field, he will only smile when he wins the ball from them or prevents them going past him.

Today, Khayrulhayat, who is still unattached by the way, shares a bit of himself.


My father brought me to this field in Yishun which we called the ‘Ah Tong’ field when I was 4 years old. He got me to play for this social team’s U10s side so I played for four years until I was 8. All that time, I played among older boys. In Primary School, I skipped the junior team and went on to play for the seniors because since I started young, I held some advantage over the others at that age.

I played in various attacking positions but it was when I joined Sembawang Rangers that the coach switched me to my current centre-back role as he felt I had good knowledge on how to stop attackers.


After my NS with SAFSA, I had considered trying out for SAFFC then but my SAFSA coach recommended that I try with then Geylang United so I did and here I am.


This current team I am with is the sort of team I have always dreamt of playing in. Most of us progressed together from Prime League and so we know each others’ strengths and weaknesses. We share a certain kind of bond and understanding on and off the field.

We have been playing very well lately though we started the season a bit slow as most of us are from the Prime League squad but as we gained playing experience, we improved. With a little bit more time, I believe this team will be a force to reckon with.


For the team, I hope we can win something, any titles or Cups, in the near future. Personally, I think I share many footballers’ dreams which is to represent the country and I hope to get that chance one day.


At first, my family was not very encouraging when I informed them of my decision of playing football professionally. With time though, they saw the passion I had for the game and when it allowed me to help with the bills at home, my parents accepted that I was doing something right. Now, they are very supportive and even give me words of encouragement from time to time.  Even my elder sister have begun watching all the games I play in now.


Khayrulhayat Jumat
Birth Date: 18 January 1988
Height: 178cm
Weight: 73kg

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