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GUFC talks to Muhd Sadiq!

Residing in Woodlands, it takes Muhd Sadiq about an hour to get to Bedok for training and another hour to get home. How many kids will be willing to do just that so he could attend a one and a half hour of football training?

At only 13 years of age, Sadiq’s dedication and commitments to the game is beyond doubt. Coming from a family of footballers, Sadiq told GUFC that football was “in his family’s blood”. A boy with a cheerful and jovial personality, he started playing football only at the age of 10 and he fondly remembered not being competent on the ball.

“I first started football when I was about Primary 4 and I remembered I wasn’t able to juggle well, I wasn’t able to dribble as fast,” he laughs.

“But I dedicated myself to the sport and I make it a point to practice regularly. By the time I was Primary 6, which was about 12 years old, I found myself to be rather good at football and I joined the Secondary School team a year after.”

Being an agile dribbler, Sadiq’s strengths in the game are his quick 1-2s as well as his man-marking capabilities. It was those characteristics that prompted Woodgrove Secondary School’s football coach to recommend Sadiq Coach Khidhir, Head of Youth and Development of GUFC.

Joining the U-14 side last year, Sadiq has developed to be an integral member of the team. Playing at the right-side of the midfield, he can be frequently seen taking on defenders down the flanks and supplying crosses to the sprinting forwards.

“It’s really a privilege to be here, playing for the U-14 side. I know of a lot of boys who would’ve loved to play for GUFC and I must say that I’m very thankful to be in the team. Also, this team is a great team! I love the team’s style of play which we try to keep the ball on the ground as much as possible. We entertain and get results! I’m really enjoying my football here.”

“Coach Sugunan has also been a major factor for my love for football. He’s different from other coaches in a way that he knows how to motivate us and is not afraid to allow us to express ourselves. He also encourages us to get out of our shell, explore new things as he believes it will help us develop as a player. Some coaches don’t even allow us to smile in training!” Sadiq tells GUFC.

Currently second in the table, the U-14 side is currently on course for the league title after 9 wins from 13 games. With 5 more games to play, Sadiq is confident of landing the title for his team comes October.

“At the end of the year, I’m looking to lift the league title and the Challenge Cup trophy. We’re like a family here you know, I think the chemistry will give us an additional advantage against other teams. I feel that there are very little teams who possess a team chemistry like ours and to win something together would be really special.”

“Nevertheless, we need to work hard as well. At the beginning of the season, we weren’t scoring enough goals and our defense was creaking under pressure. We’ve made strides of improvement since but we will continue to work hard and at the end of the day, I just hope it pays off!”

While playing for GUFC U-14 side, Sadiq is also an express student of Woodgrove Secondary School and a representative of his school’s soccer team. When asked how it is like juggling football with his studies, Sadiq exclaimed, “It’s very stressful! There is so much pressure from the teachers to do well in my studies! I also get nagged at by my parents quite often for playing so much football. Sometimes, I have difficulty waking up for school the morning after trainings because I’m too tired!” Sadiq laughs.

“However, as difficult as it is, I will try to revise as much as possible when I have the time. Like football, you’ll only get better in your studies if you practice more so I make it a point to do my homework before I go to bed.”

“So what do you want to be when you grow up?” I asked Sadiq.

“A professional footballer!” he replied in an instant.

“It’s a dream for every kid to eventually play in the S-League someday. I used to support Woodlands Wellington and if I ever get to play in the S League, I will want to play for the clubs that are not doing that well so I would have more chances to be on the field instead of the bigger clubs,” he smiled.

–          Sadiq’s favourite food is BBQ Wings Rice and his favourite drink is Lemon Barley.

–          He doesn’t really have any other hobbies beside playing football.

–          Thinks that Shukrie is the U-14 team’s best player.

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