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Geylang downed despite resolute showing against the Warriors



It was a “give-and-take” situation between both teams during the first half of the game. The Eagles were relentless in their attacks with the ball frequently on their side of the field, but the Warriors countered with remarkable defenses. Every time it seemed like the Eagles were in a perfect position to score, the Rhinos would charge in and thwart their attempts. Warriors No. 11 Marin Vidosevic   perfected his tackles throughout the first half, interrupting the home team’s possession of the ball in a few occasions.

Both teams were on par as the first half drew to an end.

The Warriors decided to completely turn the table around during the second half of the game.  The ball now remained protectively on the Warriors’ side of the field.

A miscalculated pass by the Eagles led to the first goal scored by Warriors No. 9 and last season’s top scorer Mislav Karoglan at the 50th minute. That very goal seemed to break the dry spell that they had been having for the past few games.

Motivated by the possibility of a win, the Warriors proceeded on to obtain their second goal of the night in the form of No. 7 Tatsuro Inui at the 61st minute, despite being wedged in by the Geylang defenders.

The Eagles, now surprised by the goals that they had allowed in, continued to fight hard but seemed to remain at the pace that they had been during the first half of the game which was not enough to bring the Warriors down.

Warriors No. 8 Shimpei Sakurada shot in at close range the final goal for the team at the 78th minute.

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