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Fan’s Reaction To Eagles’ Win Against The Young Lions

10476994_937790952907194_1324045336436537735_oIn Search Of Alternative Viewpoints Of Your Eagles’ Game? 

Fret Not, As The Eagles’ Media Team Brings You An Exclusive Post-Match Interview With Nobody But Only The Eagles’ Fans !!!

Today, we speak to a young and devoted Geylang Fan, Eugene Au.

Question 1 : When did you first started being an Eagles’ Supporter and Why ?

I started following the Eagles from the age of eight. I started supporting Geylang because it is the Pride of The East and I stay around Bedok. I really love Geylang United and Geylang International. My favourite colour is Green partially due to Geylang’s influence. Every single Geylang player is special and has his trademark specialty. I am proud to be a Geylang supporter because every match, they give their best and are fearless of the opponents. Furthermore, they treat me very well and I am never out of place at the Eagles’ Nest. I feel that the Geylang fans are never considered as supporters but instead, as brothers and sisters of a BIG Family.


Question 2 : If you are granted a day to spend with any current Eagles’ player. Who will it be and what will your activities for the day be ?

My favourite player in Geylang International, is our skipper and captain, Jozef Kaplan. The Slovakian Tank has been very passionate and dedicated in all the games. With his vast experience, work-rate and deadly shots, he is surely a nightmare for many S.League defenders. I would love to spend the day with him to have a friendly kick-about session and also take time to learn his deadly shots and striking instincts. Furthermore, I would persuade him to stay at Geylang for many years and possibly ‘bribe’ him with more delicious food spots around Singapore.

Question 3 : What do you think of the Eagles’ performance against Young Lions ?

I feel that Geylang played very well and they showed more hunger and desire to get the three points compared to Courts Young Lions. It was end-to-end action in the first few minutes, and it was disappointing to allow Jordan Webb to score the opener. However, once we equalized, I knew that today was going to be our day and Bruno Castanheira netted a hat-trick to seal the deal and clinch three crucial points for the team.


Question 4 : What do you think we can improve on for our next game and are you confident that the Eagles will get three points against Harimau Muda in Malaysia ?

I think we should focus more on not only hitting the target but also take our chances well to score the goals. In certain games, we have lost by a narrow margin and I truly believe that sometimes, if the Eagles’ had taken their chances well, we could have escaped with a victory or at least a point. I am strongly confident that we can take on the Young Tigers, despite the Malaysian side causing some upsets against the top-tier teams. Harimau Muda are a fast and young squad, but with 110% focus and concentration, the Eagles can return back to Singapore safely, with the three points.

Question 5 : Geylang are currently rooted to the bottom of the table despite our valiant efforts.  Can we unleash another undefeated streak yet again and finished 6th place – a target set by Coach Jorg Steinebrunner ?

Yes, we did have a rough patch, but we ended it with a win against Young Lions and I am sure that Coach Jorg Steinebrunner will not let us down as, I STRONGLY believe in the German tactician. The Eagles are also raring to go and I am sure that if we can clinch a win at Hang Jebat Stadium, then we can really try to etch a winning streak. The Eagles will focus to do their best and we, the supporters will always be behind you and I really want us to finish higher than 7th place as the Eagles are never destined to be at the bottom. Eagles Soar High Always and Geylang Will Soar To Victory. Anything is possible with the Eagles and I truly believe in each one of them.

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