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Fan’s Reaction To Eagles’ Victory Against Wasps

10476994_937790952907194_1324045336436537735_oFan’s Reaction To Eagles’ Victory Against Wasps 

In Search Of Alternative Viewpoints Of Your Eagles’ Game ?
Fret Not, As The Eagles’ Media Team Brings You An Exclusive Post-Match Interview With Nobody But Only The Eagles’ Fans !!!

Today, we speak to a fervent and cheerful Geylang Supporter & Fan, Nur Shakilah Bte Mohd Rafe.

Question 1: When did you first become an Eagles Fan and who is your favourite Geylang International player and why?

I started to follow Geylang International, ever since I was young. I always followed my dad to stadiums around Singapore, to watch football in the year 1996. My first game was a Geylang International fixture and I immediately fell in love with the club due to their playing style, club’s reputation and massive fan-base. My favourite player has to be Kento Fukuda  as he never disappoints us with his spirited performance. He has been a very consistent player and always gives 110% in each game.


Question 2: How do you think the Eagles played against current league leaders, Brunei DPMM?

The Eagles played very well beyond expectations. After the first-half, the Eagles were determined and they were well rewarded with the goals. The match was highly entertaining and the intensity kept us fans, at the edge of our seats at all time. Geylang displayed their fighting spirit and furthermore, I am extremely delighted that they turned the tables around once again, to record our second consecutive win.

Question 3: How special is the Eagles’ fan base compared to the other clubs?

According to me, most of the fans in the S.League are special in their own ways. However, in the case of Geylang’s fans, we are united as one despite the results. Win, Lose or Draw, we still stick together and cheer for the Eagles till the final whistle. I also believe, that the Bedok-based club do have strength in numbers and that we can really dictate the atmosphere in games with our boisterous chants and immense support. Crowds are never an issue at Geylang, as the fans and supporters come in great numbers to see their superstars in action.


Question 4: After the win against the Wasps, are you confident of getting a win against Young Lions at Jalan Besar Stadium, next?

I have always had the confidence in Geylang, since day one. I never once doubter or stop believing in the Eagles. We do not win games by luck, but by sheer determination and productiveness. Looking forward, we would love to stretch our winning streak to three games, against the fiery Courts Young Lions side. We have superb strikers like Bruno Castanheira and Jozef Kaplan , fast wingers like Hafiz Nor and Shawal Anuar, brilliant midfielders Yuki Ichikawa and Nor Azli Yusoff, tough defenders, Syed Thaha and Hafiz Osman and a great goalkeeper, Yazid Yazin. Regardless of the results, I would always out my money on the Eagles as the faith on Geylang is irreplaceable.

Question 5: If given a chance, which Eagles’ game would you have to be replayed this season, so that we could have gotten a better result? 

It definitely has to be The New Paper League Cup 2015 Semi-Finals vs Albirex Niigata (S) FC. Yes, we were defeated by 3-0 by the White Swans. However, that game the Eagles went all guns blazing and gave their 110%. They missed golden opportunities, whilst Albirex duly turned their efforts into goals. I believe that if we could have replayed the match, we could have gotten a win and that would have been a morale boosting win into the League Cup’s Grand Finals. Then, in a Final there are no powerhouses or dark-horses as the hungrier team would bring the cup back home and I am sure Geylang would have done just that. Wasted effort this year, but watch out as the EAGLES will soar to greater heights soon enough.


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