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Fan’s Reaction To Eagles’ Victory Against Protectors


Fan’s Reaction To Eagles’ Victory Against Protectors

In Search Of Alternative Viewpoints Of Your Eagles’ Game ?
Fret Not, As The Eagles’ Media Team Brings You An Exclusive Post-Match Interview With Nobody But Only The Eagles’ Fans !!!

Today, we speak to a reserved yet die-hard Geylang Supporter & Fan, Jiang Yulin.

Question 1: When did you first become an Eagles Fan and Why did you choose Geylang?

I first started supporting Geylang during the 2007 season. Although I was a S.League skeptic in the past, my opinion towards local football changed when my friend brought me to watch an Eagles home game against Sengkang Punggol. I was awed by the cheering contingent and goals galore. Best of all, I saw passion and determination in the players to win the game. From that moment onwards, I decided to root my support for Geylang

Question 2: Your thoughts about the determined comeback win against Home United?

It was a difficult first half for Geylang. This is unsurprising as Home United came into the game being unbeaten since this May and notching important wins against Warriors FC and Balestier Khalsa. Fortunately, the introduction of Shawal Anuar and good attacking movements in the second half allow Geylang to turn the tide against Home United. Best of all, lady luck shines on the team when the opposing keeper was sent off late in the game. With the circumstances in Geylang’s favour, victory for the Eagles was inevitable.

Question 3: Finally, the Eagles are off the foot of the table and the next task is Brunei DPMM. Your opinions about facing the current S.League leaders?

Despite playing at home at Bedok Stadium, I expect Geylang to face a tough game against DPMM as the Eagles have not beaten them in the league before. The challenge is made tougher with DPMM’s strong foreign contingent. Nonetheless, a victory is still possible as long as Geylang players have tactical discipline and self-belief.

Question 4: Who has been a standout player this season for the Eagles and Why?

I guess I have to give this accolade to Jozef Kaplan. When the chips are down, Jozef eludes confidence and inspiration in the team and exhibits the ability to make game changing moves. This is shown in tonight’s winning goal when he was determined to keep control of the ball while dribbling into the box. His subsequent pass to Bruno Castanheira was rewarded withthe winning goal.


Question 5: What changes would you like to see in the upcoming games and what are your wishes for the club?

In terms of the team roster, I do not see any change to the players as each of them is capable of playing to their best ability. This is evidently shown in their ability to grind results against the big teams this season. Having said that, I would like to see consistency in form among the players. As Geylang approach the last few games of the season, I wish we can get positive results and climb off the foot of the table. Looking at the current league standings, I think finishing seventh is achievable.

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