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Fan’s Reaction To Eagles’ Draw Against Young Lions

10835310_956754194344203_3472763846956239701_oFan’s Reaction To Eagles’ Draw Against Young Lions

In Search Of Alternative Viewpoints Of Your Eagles’ Game?
Fret Not, As The Eagles’ Media Team Brings You An Exclusive Post-Match Interview With Nobody But Only The Eagles’ Fans !!!

Today, we speak to a steadfast and enthusiastic Geylang Fan, Muhammad Nasruddin.

Question 1: When did you first started being an Eagles’ Fan and why did you choose to support the men in green and white?

I only started supporting Geylang International back in 2014, when the company that was working, and still am working for, was sponsoring GIFC. But I am very much aware of the rich tradition and history of GIFC in terms of footballing success; and also its large fans support in the early days of the S League. At the start of the season, I was invited through a member of the Ultras Eagles to join in their support of the Eagles for their games. Since then, I made every effort to attend their games, be it home or away, even though I am working all the way in Tuas! But great times, to be involved in a group that is just so passionate about the Eagles. Geylang fans are never considered as supporters but instead, as brothers and sisters of a BIG Family.


Question 2: How do you feel when Geylang allowed a two-goal lead to slip in the second-half and your thoughts about the 2-2 draw?

That match was weird in a way that from the first whistle, I always thought that we would pick up all 3 points! Jozef Kaplan was well supported by the midfield, and was very much in tandem with Bruno. Unfortunately, and perhaps this might be a bit bias, but the refereeing was definitely not up to the mark as they failed to spot a handball which led to CYL’s first goal. Nonetheless, Bruno could have put the Eagles ahead once more if only he was more composed. I regret that the final finishing is something that the team needs to improve on, so that our game-play would be better. Overall, it was a good game, and there were many positives to pick up on from that game; such as Hafiz Nor’s continuing run of good games down the wings, and also the overall work rate of the Team.

Question 3: If given a choice, who will you award the ‘Geylang Player of the Year 2015’ and why?

There’s only One Yazid Yasin! Hahaha. Definitely there may be haters, and such award normally goes to forwards or attacking players who banged in the goals. But, a figure of consistency and definitely a household name in local football, I think Yazid continues to be a pillar of strength and gives a sense of stability to the team throughout the season. Yes he may have conceded a number of goals, but those that were let in were really good strikes which can be difficult for any goalkeepers to save.


Question 4: Looking forward to the Hougang fixture being a potential decider on who finishes bottom, are you confident that the Eagles would not finish last?

I am confident that GIFC will not be the one propping up the table at the end of the season. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the team seems to have slowly brushed off its lethargic way of playing, and are clicking into gear in all departments. These may be due to the players getting sufficient rest between games, as compared to the poorly arranged League Cup in July, where after a fantastic win over Brunei DPMM, we only had a 3 days rest before taking on an Albirex Niigata side which had the luxury of a longer break due to their Group having finished the group stages much earlier. I am assured that the Eagles would be banging for goals against the Cheetahs for a positive favourable result.

Question 5: Despite the unfortunate results, as a fan what have you been enjoying about the Eagles all season long and what do you think we should work on next season?

To be part of the Ultras Eagles, cheering the Team non-stop for the whole 90 minutes, have definitely in a way relieved my stress from the “battles” I faced every day at my workplace. But yes, sometimes the stress comes back when the results don’t go our way quite a number of times this season! But that is what passion is all about, backing your team all the way in victory or defeat. To be fair, I think the Management have done their best with whatever resources afforded to them from the start of the season. I guess focusing on fitness so as to keep a high tempo passing game may be something that the team can work on during the break in preparation for next season. In addition to that, considering the tactics that the fans have seen throughout the whole season, it could be good if there is a solid “Plan B” to activate in the event that the generally long passing game that the Team adopts failed to lead to a goal. Easy for me to say, I mean I’ve only won championships in Football Manager. Hahaha!

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