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Fan’s Reaction To Eagles’ Draw Against The Tigers

10835310_956754194344203_3472763846956239701_oIn Search Of Alternative Viewpoints Of Your Eagles’ Game?
Fret Not, As The Eagles’ Media Team Brings You An Exclusive Post-Match Interview With Nobody But Only The Eagles’ Fans !!!

Today, we speak to an informative and knowledgeable Geylang Supporter, Fabian Siew.

Question 1 : When did you first started being an Eagles’ Supporter and Why ?

I started following the Eagles from the inaugural S.League season in1996. However, I am guilty to say, I did not pay much attention to them for almost 13 years, from 2002 to 2013, due to the constant corruption allegations in the league and also because I moved to my new home in Joo Chiat. Previously, I stayed with my parents in an HDB flat, just behind Bedok Stadium, where ¾ of the pitch, can be seen clearly, with the help of a pair of binoculars. I am sort of updated with “live” scores via the announcement and cheers from the crowd.

I believed locality influenced my decision in supporting Geylang International. Furthermore, I was also attracted by the stellar players whom played for GUFC then. Indra Shadan, Ahmad Latiff, Aleksandar Duric, David Lee, Lionel Lewis and the Iranians, were just some of the many star-studded names. I also clearly remember asking Lionel for his jersey, after the last league game of the 2001 Championship winning season at the Bedok Stadium pitch. However, sadly he declined as he needed it for the Singapore Cup, the following week.


Question 2 : Who is your favourite Geylang International player ever ?

Despite knowing the Eagles for a long time, I surprisingly do not have a favourite player. Instead, a few players caught my eye, over the years and they are: Indra Shadan Daud (One of the Finest Strikers After Fandi), Lionel Lewis (Imposing and Dependable GK), Aleksandar Duric (S League Best Goal Poacher) and Jozef  Kaplan (Captain Marvel, whom Always Gives 120 Percent).

Question 3 : What do you think of the Eagles’ performance against Balestier Khalsa ?

I thought the Eagles started very well, utilizing the width of the pitch with incisive running and passing. Shawal Anuar and Hafiz Nor were having much joy down the flanks. Mustaqim Manzur was also influential in midfield. We were on the front foot for the first 20 minutes, until the team was unsettled by two quick BKFC goals. From then on to mid second half, the team was tentative and allowed BKFC into the game. Yazid Yazin made a number of good saves in the second half, making up for some tentative moments in the first half, especially the second BKFC goal. However, going into the last 30 minutes, Shawal Anuar and Hafiz Nor regained their mojo and created at least 4-5 clear scoring chances. I think we should have at least scored 1 or 2, had the decision making been better. We definitely lost two points. But, I prefer to dwell on the team performance, which was much improved. It can only serve us well in the upcoming games. According to me the MOTM, would have to be Shawal Anuar. Not forgetting, the two goals were simply fantastic as it needed precise technique for it to be converted.

Question 4 : If you are granted a day to spend with any current Eagles’ player. Who will it be and what will your activities for the day be ?

Can I be greedy? I will really want to have a few days with the whole team. I would really like to see what goes on in pre-match trainings, actual match preparations, fitness tests and also enjoy the unique experience of entering the dressing room, to sitting on the bench and also giving interviews to the Media.


Question 5 : Geylang are currently rooted to the bottom of the table despite our valiant efforts. Do you think the team can get out of the slump ? Can we unleash another undefeated streak yet again ?

I believe the root problem is the, low confidence level. The players need to have more belief in their individual abilities and that of their team mates. This was especially evident in the first and last 20 minutes of the BKFC match, where players passed the ball confidently on the ground and took on opposing players, instead of the easy way out (long balls). With more confidence, I think we can definitely collect points along the way and finish the season away from the bottom. About the undefeated streak, it is possible and once again it boils down to individual confidence levels, which will ultimately lift the team to soar to greater heights. Anything is possible with the Eagles and I truly believe in each one of them.

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