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Fan’s Reaction To Eagles’ Draw Against Rhinos

10476994_937790952907194_1324045336436537735_oIn Search Of Alternative Viewpoints Of Your Eagles’ Game ?

Fret Not, As The Eagles’ Media Team Brings You An Exclusive Post-Match Interview With Nobody But Only The Eagles’ Fans !!!

Today, we speak to a young and boisterous Geylang Supporter, Javier Peh.

Question 1 : When did you first started being an Eagles’ Supporter and Why ?

I started supporting Geylang International FC back in 2014 and my first ‘live’ match was against Woodlands Wellington FC, with Yazid Yasin claiming the ‘Man Of The Match’. I became an Eagles’ fan because, I personally like the passing style and burning desire the team showcases, in every match. Geylang is also a ‘dark-horse’ team and they are able to spring surprises against the regional powerhouses. The club has also recorded many achievements along their illustrious journey over the years, including being the first S.League Champion. The passion that the team shows, make me very excited for every match.

Question 2 : Who is your favourite current Geylang International player and Why ?

My favourite player in the Eagles’ squad, would definitely have to be the veteran and legend goalkeeper, Yazid Yasin. The first choice goalkeeper, for Geylang is always reliable when the team needs him. Yazid Yazin always steps up and proves to be the difference in games, as he  makes excellent diving saves. His quick reflexes also make him an interesting player and the man to watch in the Eagles’ setup . Despite being the longest serving player in the S.League, Yazid Yasin still proves to be crucial in between the posts and is always ready to be the last line of defence for Geylang. Against the Warriors that night, he showed us his heroics once again, with a fantastic double save in injury-time, to keep out Miroslav Pejic and Fazrul Nawaz’s powerful attempts.


Question 3 : What do you think of the Eagles’ performance against Warriors FC ?

I felt that the team displayed confidence and were playing in very high spirits. We were really unfortunate in hitting the posts a few time, but then again, we should improve in our finishing to get the goals and the much desired, points. Nevertheless, even with a goal down, the Eagles did not give up till the last minute and eventually we were rewarded with the much deserved goal. Hafiz Nor was fantastic in using his pace to cut through the defence and, kudos to Captain, Jozef Kaplan for his 10th goal of the season.

Question 4 : Do you believe that if Geylang had scored the attempts which hit the posts, we could have walked away with three points ?

First of all, there is always a big difference in hitting the posts and scoring a goal. The first-half double attempt by both Jozef Kaplan and Shawal Anuar was mind-blowing. It would have been great to get the early goal and also it would have been a morale-booster for the individual to score a spectacular goal. On the other hand, Shah Hirul is definitely an exciting player as you will never know what he will do on the field. Whether if it is heading the ball on the crossbar in a crossbar challenge, or hitting the post during a match. However, I do not think a win would have been confirmed, if we had scored those attempts. The reason is because, the lead could have been overturned as there was still 30 minutes remaining on the clock. Looking back at the 3-1 loss, to Courts Young Lions, we were punished for being complacent after going 1-0 up, in the 3th minute. Nevertheless, Geylang showed their spirit for the full 90 minutes and we did not back down at any point of time.


Question 5 : Your thoughts about finally ending the six game ‘losing-streak and how do you feel this 1 point will spur the Eagles on for the remaining 10 games ?

Honestly, I was hoping for a win against the Warriors, but a single point is enough for now. I am extremely delighted that the losing streak is finally over. This match and result will certainly boost their morale for the upcoming games. Furthermore, I believe that with the consistent passionate performance by the Eagles alongside, Jorg Steinebrunner and the other coaches’ guidance, we will be able to reach the season’s target of ending in Top 6 in the S.League. Anything is possible with the Eagles and I truly believe in each one of them.



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