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Fan’s Reaction To Eagles’ Defeat Against Young Tigers

In Search Of Alternative Viewpoints Of Your Eagles’ Game ?
Fret Not, As The Eagles’ Media Team Brings You An Exclusive Post-Match Interview With Nobody But Only The Eagles’ Fans !!!

Today, we speak to an ardent and zealous Geylang Supporter & Fan, Rohayati Bte Jaafar.

Question 1 : When did you first become an Eagles Fan, who is your all-time favourite Geylang International player and why ?

I became an avid Eagles’ fan, six years ago. The reason was simple as my nephew, Taufiq Ghani used to play for Geylang Prime League squad and subsequently, he went on to represent the senior team in the S.League. Furthermore, my husband, Rafe Yusof is a die-hard passionate fan of the Eagles for the past 20 years, hence, the Eagles genes are glued onto me instantaneously.

It is a very hard decision as all the players are my favourite gems on the pitch as they play with their hearts on their sleeves for each and every game. However, If I am to choose only one, it has to be Kento Fukuda. His consistency and dedication is certainly way above par. Furthermore, his heading clearances and 1-on-1 marking is excellent. Ken always captures the eyes of other coaches, hence he got selected for the Singapore Selection XI to participate in the Barclays Asia Trophy.

Question 2 : The S.League games’ attendance is always lesser compared to the LionsXII and M.League. What do you think is the reason and How can we improve on getting more fans to not only watch, but to also enjoy the S.League ?

According to me, each and every Singaporean National Team Fan give their utmost support and priority to the M.League. They constantly, get behind the ‘LionsXII’ together as ONE. As for the S.League, each team has their respective fan-base, hence the fans are divided and scattered. A great initiative to get the crowd  back is to introduce various half-time entertainment events, activities and lucky draws. We must also make the fans interact and perhaps reduce the price of a S.League ticket.


Question 3 : How do you feel about Geylang International’s valiant performance against Harimau Muda ?

I believed that the Eagles played pretty well against Harimau Muda. However, the only thing which made Harimau Muda looked better was their – fighting spirit. Furthermore, the Young Tigers determination did allowed them to come back from behind to win the game. On a second note, we Geylang played a more defensive stance in the second-half an invited the valiant Harimau to execute counter-attacks numerous times.

Question 4 : In your opinion, what went wrong for the Eagles and should have Harimau Muda’s two controversial goals been allowed as there were howls of derision coming from the Geylang fans ?

The Eagles did everything right, but honestly, they should have converted two of their chances to seal the game. Most of the Eagles’ fans were very disappointed with the referee’s call and decision making. Everyone in the stadium witnessed what happened to Kento – a clear foul, which gave them the advantage to score their first goal. According to me, it was clear absence of sportsmanship and adding on, the Malaysians’ winning goal was clearly a foul as it was a charge on  Yazid, but the referee played on and that was the knock-out blow to the team as they were robbed of three points, in the dying minutes.

Question 5 : Geylang’s next fixture is the much expected and ever lively ‘Eastern Derby’ against Tampines Rovers FC. Do you think the Eagles can do a double against the Stags this season? 

I always look forward to all the ‘eastern derby’ game. Tampines will be seeking redemption against us after their defeat earlier this season at jalan besar stadium. Nevertheless, i confidently feel that, we geylang will be able to beat them once again, if we play with discipline, focus and most importantly, as a unit. I would want the eagles to beat the star-studded stags for the second time to overtake them in the s.league table.

I would like to urge all geylang fans & supporters to come down to the stadium and support the eagles. Lastly, i would like to thank all the fans/supporters for their support, eagles’ chairman, mr andrew ang, management committee & the staff of gifc for their endeavoring support throughout the season.

Geylang boleh !!!
Eagles… Up There Is Where We Belong…..

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