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Fan’s Reaction To Eagles’ Defeat Against Young Lions

10835310_956754194344203_3472763846956239701_o In Search Of Alternative Viewpoints Of Your Eagles’ Game ? 

Fret Not, As The Eagles’ Media Team Brings You An Exclusive Post-Match Interview With Nobody But Only The Eagles’ Fans !!!

Today, we speak to a fervent admirer and dedicated Geylang Supporter & Fan, Muhammad Sufian Bin Abdul Wahab.

Question 1 : When did you first become a Geylang Fan/Supporter, and what made you support the Eagles instead of other S.League clubs ?

I supported Geylang since the inaugural year of the S.League back in the year, 1996. They were known as Geylang United, back then. I have been an avid and ardent Eagles’ fan, because, I live in the Bedok vicinity from young, hence supporting the men in green and white, is a natural selection for me. I would preferably also say that, I have grown old with the club and at 31 years of age, I have constantly supported the Eagles for over 20 seasons, by attending almost every single game of the coveted Eagles, despite the games being home or away fixtures.

Question 2 : What do you think went wrong in today’s defeat to Courts Young Lions ?

The Eagles played very well and were rewarded with an early goal in the 4th minute. After that Jozef Kaplan’s goal, I believed that Geylang would cruise to a victory over Courts Young Lions. However, it was not meant to be as CYL equalized, minutes later. Once again, defensive errors have affected the final results of the game. Furthermore, our makeshift defence of Nor Azli and Hafiz Osman, just couldn’t cope with CYL’s attacking impetus and speed. I honestly feel that, if Kento Fukuda and Yuki Ichikawa were playing, a lost could have been avoided. Nevertheless, credits to the players and we have to forget this loss and look ahead for Warriors FC.


Question 3 : Geylang are currently rooted to the bottom of the S.League table. Do you believe that the Eagles will rise to the occasion, in the next few games and live up to Coach Jorg Steinebrunner’s target of a ‘Top-6 Finish’ ?

Attaining a Top 6 Finish, is not a far fetched target but a sensible one set by Coach Jorg. I feel that under Coach Jorg’s guidance, we are playing better football, but we are not clinical in the offensive third and also not diligent in our defensive-half. Geylang just need to avoid unnecessary defeats in future games and also etch a wining streak to rack points up the table. However, I really wish that, we (Geylang) do not stay at the bottom of the table, when the season comes to a close. Time to Soar Eagles !!!

Question 4 : Who is your favourite Geylang player ever and why ?

My favourite ever, Geylang player would be Hamidreza Estili, hands down. The reason is because, he always give his 110% commitment in every match and he has also prestigiously, scored a goal for Iran against USA in the 1998 Would Cup. Currently, my favourite player is winger, Hafiz Nor, because he always does his best running up and down both flanks. He also possesses a gift to score beautiful scorcher of goals. He will hit the mark and open his S.league goalscoring account really soon. Stay tuned and Let’s Go Eagles!!!


Question 5 : The Eagles are currently suffering from an injury and suspension crisis to their back-line with Kento, Syed, Sevki, Yuki and Anaz Hadee, all out of action. What do you think will happen in the next few games and given a chance, how will you curb the issue ?

I would love to see Dhukilan Jeevamani being called up from the Prime League team to lighten the loss of our defenders, through injuries and suspensions. I also would like Shafeek Faruk to play as an out and out striker, till Bruno Castanheira returns to full fitness, whom is recuperating from a sore ankle. I hope that Coach Jorg and the Eagles, present Shafeeq with a starting spot in the first eleven berths, so that he can garner more experience in the S.League and hopefully reward the club for its confidence in him, with some goals, like how Shawal Anuar is doing. Finally, I would love to see more supporters and fans to come down to stadiums and lend their voice in supporting Geylang’s three-point mission, every game.


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