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Fan’s Reaction To Eagles’ Defeat Against White Swans

Fan’s Reaction To Eagles’ Defeat Against White Swans

In Search Of Alternative Viewpoints Of Your Eagles’ Game?
Fret Not, As The Eagles’ Media Team Brings You An Exclusive Post-Match Interview With Nobody But Only The Eagles’ Fans!!!

Today, we speak to a young and dedicated Geylang Fan, Nur’ Ain Bte Mohd Rafe.

Question 1: When did you first become an Eagles’ Fan and Why?

I started to support the Eagles when I was young, back in 2003 because I followed my dad, Mohamed Rafe Yusof, who was the Eagles’ Fan Club Chairman, then. I began to follow the Geylang club, in my primary school days and I am still a devoted supporter at the age of 18. I can also clearly remember my match day experience as I was part of the cheerleader group for the Eagles, before. Geylang has always been my favourite club, not because of its rich history only but the support and backing of the fans. The Eagles’ Nest, will always be my second home and family.


Question 2: Who is your favourite Geylang International this season and Why?

My all-time favourite player has to be the Japanese defender, Kento Fukuda. Firstly, he is handsome and looks so cute. He is one tough defender and also he has never let the fans down in every match he has played. Kento always gives his all and marshals the defence well with his fellow comrades. I always love to see Kento playing at the back, because his undying spirit and never give up attitude always rubs on to the other players at all times, despite winning or losing.

Question 3: What do you think went wrong against Albirex Niigata (S) FC? Your feelings on Eagles’ third consecutive defeat?

I thought the Eagles started very well, utilizing the width of the pitch with incisive running and passing. Geylang did great in overall, but the luck just was not on our side as we conceded late in the last quarter. We had the chances, but we failed to convert them. Hence, we were punished when the White Swans opened the scoring and held on for a victory. I understand it is the third consecutive defeat and as a fan, I am disappointed but I have the confidence that the points will come very soon.


Question 4: What is your most memorable moment of the Eagles, this season?

According to me, there are many memorable moments. However, to sum up and identify the top of the list, would be the trip to Malacca to watch Geylang take on Harimau Muda at the Hang Jebat Stadium, Malaysia. It was great to travel together with like-minded fans and despite the stadium being relatively empty, our voices and presence were heard throughout the game. We were the 12th man for the Eagles. However, despite the 2-1 loss, I felt so proud and excited to cheer on the players across the causeway.

Question 5: Geylang are currently rooted to the bottom of the table despite our valiant efforts. Can we really get out of the bottom spot by the end of the season?

Despite all the defeats, I still have faith in the Eagles. Trust me, when the going gets tough, Geylang gets stronger. I strongly believe that the Eagles will fly high once again. With 5 games remaining, I believe that we can rack up points, to escape the death clutches. I really hope that the club give the younger ones like Hairul Syirhan, Shafeeq Faruk and Huzaifah Abdul Aziz a chance to prove their talents, before the season ends. Anything is possible with the Eagles and I truly believe that will soar to greater heights.


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