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Fan’s Reaction To Eagles’ Defeat Against Stags

10835310_956754194344203_3472763846956239701_oIn Search Of Alternative Viewpoints Of Your Eagles’ Game ?
Fret Not, As The Eagles’ Media Team Brings You An Exclusive Post-Match Interview With Nobody But Only The Eagles’ Fans !!!

Today, we speak to a passionate Geylang Supporter & Fan, Nashrudin Bin Daud.

Question 1 : When did you first become an Eagles Fan and Why ?

I have been supporting the Eagles from 1996, but back then the club was known as Geylang United instead. When I was five years old, I started to follow my father to watch soccer games in Singapore. Slowly, the occasional habit turned into a zealous and passionate fan, when we decided to stand with our favourite club. With Geylang being the nearest S.League club to our home at Bedok, we have been following and supporting the Eagles, right from their debut in the inaugural S.League season in 1996. I have only missed a handful matches over the course of my 19-year strong and unwavering support. I will continue to only support Geylang International FC, till the FAS ends the S.League, but that will leave a very big hole in my heart.

Question 2 : What makes Geylang very special to you and what is your favourite moment as a dedicated supporter of the club ?

Firstly, the club’s rich history in Singapore Football makes us stand out from other clubs. Furthermore, we (Geylang) are fondly still remembered by many S.League onlookers, as the ‘Pride Of The East’. Secondly, Geylang managed to clinch the inaugural S.League title back in 1996 it was truly an unforgettable moment in my years as an Eagles’ fan. I was present at the full-house National Stadium to witness Geylang play their final game. Despite the rain, the atmosphere was great throughout the match. The fans then, were very passionate and very vocal. It felt great to see my club, which I have supported carry the title in their first year.


Question 3 : How did Geylang International perform against Tampines Rovers ?

Honestly, today’s match Geylang played, but we just could not take out chances well. The little drive upfront was missing and that cost us in scoring a goal. We should really have took our chances in the last few minutes of the first-half. I understand that no player is bigger than the team, but we certainly missed Bruno Castanheira upfront and Hafiz Osman at the back fro stability. The Stags’ aerial threats Rodrigo Tosi and Mateo Roskam were a handful to handle and the back-line did had some problems marking them. Nevertheless, Geylang showed their spirit for the full 90 minutes and we did not back down at any point of time.

Question 4 : Your thougts about Yazid Yazin’s standout performance against the Stags ?

Yazid Yazin is a S.League legend and he played extremely well against Tampines. He singlehandedly kept the Eagles in the game, but unfortunately, we could not score a goal or an equalizer. He saved five mind-blowing attempts from the Stags’ offense and I believe he is the Eagles’ secret weapon in the upcoming games. However, I still think that he has a few more years in him and he can get better with more games under his belt. He will be one of the keys to victory against Albirex on Sunday.


Question 5 : Who is your all-time favourite Geylang International player and why ?

My favourite all-time Eagles’ player would be hands down, Brendon Santalab. The Australian striker was magnificent when he played for the men in green and white. He joined the Eagles in 2003 as a mid-season signing by Coach Scott O’Donell. The current Western Sydney Wanderers striker, singlehandedly turned the fortunes of the Eagles with his amazing 23 goals in 22 appearances for the club. Santalab was instrumental and thanks to his spectacular spell, the Eagles managed to emerge as Runners-up in the Singapore Cup and concluded their S.League season, at the top-half of the table.

Question 6 : Do you think we can win any silverware or awards this season ?

The S.League title is far from our reach, but I will still remain optimistic as this year the S.League title race is very tight and close amongst six to eight teams. However, I would like to turn my attention to the RHB Singapore Cup 2015. Coach Jorg is a great tactician and brings out the best of the team. It was evident during The New Paper League Cup 2015 journey. I believe that with the team focused and poised, we can have a good cup run and repeat our 2009 success. On top of that, I really wish the Geylang Fans can be rewarded for their passion with another ‘Fan Club of the Year’ award.


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