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Fan’s Reaction To Eagles’ Defeat Against Stags

Fan’s Reaction To Eagles’ Defeat Against Stags

In Search Of Alternative Viewpoints Of Your Eagles’ Game ?
Fret Not, As The Eagles’ Media Team Brings You An Exclusive Post-Match Interview With Nobody But Only The Eagles’ Fans!!!

Today, we speak to a devoted and hardcore Geylang Supporter & Fan, Richard Roberts.

Question 1: When did you first become an Eagles Fan and Why?

I first became a fan of Geylang International back in 2010. To be exact, 24th April. I was working for a few weeks in Singapore and wanted to catch some local football action. Hence, I searched online and found out about the Eagles, as they matched Yeovil Town’s home colours, a team I supported back in UK. So, I went for the fixture and in the end, we won 1-0, beating a 10-man Tampines Rovers side, at Jalan Besar Stadium. To be honest, I did not know which team was which until half-time though, because it was any away match for Geylang and I could not make out the emblems on the tops. Furthermore, I was then only enlightened about the match being a, ‘Eastern Derby’ fixture as well.


Question 2: How did the Eagles perform in their third and final ‘Eastern Derby’ match against Tampines Rovers FC?

The Eagles played very well, but they just could not get the ball into the net after tireless attempts. The Eagles put plenty of energy into the ‘Eastern Derby’ fixture and they were determined until the final whistle was blown. Geylang gave the Stags too much space a few time, and Tampines was just too good not to miss those glorious chances. Geylang were rewarded with a consolation goal through Shawal Anuar, but it was just too little too late to etch a comeback. However, the Eagles are a great bounce back team and with an inspiring coach like Jorg Steinebrunner, I believe that Geylang will not end the season in last place as I have high hopes in their upcoming games.

Question 3: What is the difference between other fan clubs and Geylang’s awesome fan-base?

I believe that each and every fan-club have their respective missions and visions. At the Eagles’ Nest, we support the Eagles, through thick and thin. Win, Lose or Draw, we are always behind the club. Crowds are never an issue at Geylang as supporters come in great numbers to see the men in green and white. According to me, I believe that all supporters from various fan-clubs are friends, off the pitch and we do not put down any other team, but only passionately support our own team. I certainly know that’s true for Woodlands, Hougang and even Tampines.

Question 4: Which is your all-time favourite Geylang Squad?

I think my favourite Eagles’ team have to be the squad which took us to the Grand Finals of the League Cup in 2012. Despite a cruel and unfortunate loss by two goals to Brunei DPMM, it just seemed like a special group of players who really clicked well and produced a great cup run.

Question 5: You will now depart to Australia to migrate, but what are your wishes for the Eagles’ this season and possibly in the future? 

I really hope that we keep the team together, that includes the coaching staff, and most importantly the fans. The S.League has a struggle to get people in Singapore to pay attention and be involved – everyone is too easily drawn to the big stars and superstar teams in other countries. I wish Geylang do not finish last this season and hope that we can clinch some silverware in the future seasons. Overall, I hope that the total club spirit and Geylang’s family ties, keep on going strong, despite all odds and obstacles.



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