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Fan’s Reaction To Eagles’ Defeat Against Cheetahs

10476994_937790952907194_1324045336436537735_oIn Search Of Alternative Viewpoints Of Your Eagles’ Game ?
Fret Not, As The Eagles’ Media Team Brings You An Exclusive Post-Match Interview With Nobody But Only The Eagles’ Fans !!!

Today, we speak to the supportive father of Eagles’ winger, Hafiz Nor and passionate Geylang Supporter & Fan, Mohamed Nor Bin Mohamed Sulaiman.

Question 1 : When did you first become an Eagles Fan ?

I have been supporting the Eagles from 2014, ever since my son, Hafiz Nor joined Geylang International from Tanjong Pagar United. I was also roped in by Mr Rafe Yusof to follow and support the Eagles, early last year. I have been constantly cheering the Eagles on every game and I believe that Geylang are truly the ‘Dark-Horse’ team, this season.

Question 2 : How did Geylang International perform against Hougang United ?

Honestly, I am disappointed with the result but then again, it was evident that the Geylang  players did give their very best for the 90 minutes. Many would attribute today’s loss to Geylang being overconfident after a good string of results. I do agree to some extent, but I still feel that players did not convert their given chances when necessary, which led to the unexpected defeat. Furthermore, Hougang played with a very defensive game-plan which the Eagles found very difficult to break through and open the scoring.

Question 3 : Your thoughts about Bruno Castanheira and Tatsuro Inui shots hitting the crossbar. If those attempts went in, do you think Geylang would have won ?

Absolutely correct. I strongly agree that if those two shots went in the first half, we would have a 2-0 lead and the game play would be very different. Hougang would not have sit back and ‘park-the-bus’, but instead, press forward for the equalizer.

Nevertheless, luck is always part of football and there were instances in previous games, when our opponents’ efforts also struck the posts and we eventually, did escape with a win. Hence, a win, is always a win and no point complaining about the result. Alongside the possible fatigue, the Eagles did not show many combination plays amongst players and thus were punished with a loss for not putting the ball at the back of the net.


Question 4 : Hougang has ended the Eagles’ S.League unbeaten streak in May. Do you think Geylang can return to winning ways by clinching a win at the Eagles’ Nest against Lao Police FC in the RHB Singapore Cup, next week?

Yes. I feel that Geylang International will bounce back in the RHB Singapore Cup. The loss is unfortunate but credits to Hougang on securing their first win of the season. Honestly, I believe that the team will re-organize and work on their defensive faults to be a better team, next week.

I believe we can go into the S.League break, with our heads held high and possibly all the way to the Grand Finals. The RHB Singapore Cup is a different type of race compared to the S.League season and I think that the Eagles have what it takes to be crowned as the Champions.

Question 5 : Despite being 1-0 down, the Geylang crowd continued to cheer and support the Eagles throughout the 90 minutes. The cheering did not even stop after the final whistle. Your feelings about being an Eagles’ Fan/Supporter ?

If you ask me amongst the S.League clubs, Geylang International has the best fans and supporters, hands down. Led by Mr Rafe Yusof whom constantly works with Team Manager, Mr Andrew Ang to bring in more fans and supporters for every game, the club has blossomed into a ‘fans paradise’.

I supported every club which my son has played for, but I never felt so much joy in supporting the Eagles. The fans are constantly supporting and cheering the team on with clappers, music instruments, drums and songs for the full 90 minutes. Support is very important for every club and we will be back at Bedok, next Tuesday, to rally on our favourite team, Geylang International against Lao Police FC.

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