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Eagles soar over Rams with deadly display of finishing


It was a night to relish as Eagle’s marksman and top scorer, Jozef Kaplan produced a man of the match performance as his hat-trick aided in the demolishing of hosts, Woodlands Wellington 4-1 in the RHB Singapore Cup.

The Eagles had it planned out from the start. Knowing that the RHB Singapore Cup 2013 was now a single-based elimination tournament, both teams had to strategise well to knock the other team out from the round. Geylang’s coach, Kanan Vedhamuthu understood that and had planned a gradual momentum for the team to pick up throughout both quarters.

“I told my players to be patient in the first half. We played all out but we were patient and did not give everything out in the first half,” he mentioned.

The slightly laidback attitude, however, cost them an unfortunate goal by Woodlands Wellington’s jersey No. 10 Moon Soon Ho. A mis-pass by Eagles jersey No. 20 Taufiq Ghani led the ball into Moon’s possession. It was a thunderous strike from the edge of the penalty box and the ball smashed into the net, provoking the rambunctious fans to roar with pride. It was a small price to pay for the Eagles, but it was only the beginning.

With a minute added into the first quarter, Eagles jersey No. 17 Jozef Kaplan interrupted the score with an equaliser when he connected with a rebound off Ram’s custodian, Yazid Yasin on a half-volley.

The score for the first half was 1-1.

Things began to heat up in the second half of the match. Having had their “rest time” in the first half, the Eagles were about to swoop down on the opponent even harder. Their water-tight defense broke down all opposition offensive attempts and the trio of Kaplan, Hanapi and Wahyudi Wahid was proving to be a thorn in the hosts side as they bullied the back four into submission.

The second goal for both Kaplan and the Eagles came at the 48th minute when Kaplan took advantage of a pass and sent the ball reeling into the left side of the net that proved too fast for goalkeeper No. 18 Yazid Yasin to react to.

Two goals did not suffice for Kaplan and he completed his hat trick at the 60th minute. Converting yet another pass from his teammate, Kaplan had the Ram’s custodian in shock as he scored the third goal of the night with a simple tap-in from a pin-point cross.

By now the Rams’ nerves had been ruffled and it was no easy feat to catch up. The Eagles showed no signs of giving up and maintained a tough play against the Rams. A deliberate wrap around the waist by Rams No. 13 Shariff Samat in the penalty area that had Kaplan falling to the ground, gave way to a penalty kick. This time it was the Eagles No. 10 Yasir Hanapi who did the honours for Geylang by scoring the fourth goal of the night who nailed the shot easily.

It was Geylang who was all smiles at the end of the game as the victory resided with them. The final score was 4-1.

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