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Eagles’ Iftar & Get Together


In alignment with their current ongoing policy of connecting with the fans, the management team of Geylang International FC surprised the coaching staff and players when they held an Iftar (break fast) event last night at Bedok Stadium after training.

Invitation was extended to the fans and some duly turned up for an exciting evening at the stadium as they got to mingle with their favourite players and coaches. A sumptuous variety of catered food was laid out at the grandstand area for everyone and even club Chairman, Mr Leong Kok Fann was there to grace the event.

With pictures taken, food happily consumed and well wishes extended, the bond between staff, players and fans were definitely strengthened and tighter. The gesture by the Geylang International FC management was definitely appreciated by everyone present, especially the club’s Muslim players who have been training while fasting.

GIFC Chairman Leong Kok Fann pointed out – The breaking of fast with our players, coaches , fans, well-wishers and officials was a very meaningful event indeed. This gesture not only signifies our respect for our Muslim players but also an inspiration for us to fast from anger, greed and a decadent lifestyle. This will go along way to help bring Geylang International back to its glory days!

Way to go, Eagles!

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