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Eagles and Rams share points in gritty display of defense


As the sun set on scorching day in Singapore that hit highs of thirty seven degrees celsius, Woodlands Wellington and Geylang International were determined to keep the heat on the pitch as both teams began to stamp their authority in the league.

In a match of defensive gridlock, both teams refused to yield as attacks were reduced to one off passes that were quickly snuffed out by the opposing defense.

This lockdown silently and gradually reduced the game to one of long balls over the defensive lines and full blooded tackles in a bid to place each other’s authority on the match but both defenses stood firm as they refused to buckle under the pressure.

As such, the offensive plays from both teams started breaking down and most of the play was contained in the midfield.

“It’s all about self-confidence in attacking,” said Woodlands Wellington’s Coach, Salin Moin.

Things started to heat up from the 14th minute as the first yellow card was given to Geylang Jersey No. 20 Taufiq Ghani for pushing the opponent in an attempt to stop the ball from crossing to the other half of the field. Geylang Jersey No. 1 Takuma Ito went all the way out to- literally all the way out- and made a spectacular safe nearing the 15th minute.

Falls and moments of injury continued to plague both teams. The first half ended with a minute added.

Geylang turned the aggression up in the second half. They wanted the ball and it showed in the game.

“I thought it was two different halves. First half it was a bit cautious, we didn’t go up front and we didn’t create many chances,” said Geylang’s Coach, Kanan Vedhamuthu, “second half we came up well, we started pressing Woodlands, and we created enough chances to win the game.”

A goal scored by Geylang at the 58th minute caused a moment of joy which soon turned into disappointment as it was considered a disallowed goal.

“It was unlucky we got a disallowed goal. I don’t know what happened right there,” said Vedhamuthu.

In the 92nd minute, Eagles’ top scorer, Jozef Kaplan had a golden opportunity to snatch the victory but his left footed drive failed to find the back of the net from point blank range. His agony was on display for all as he collapsed to his knees in bitter disappointment.

The final score was 0-0.

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