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Disappointment for Eagles as DPMM emerge victors

It was an atmosphere of disappointment for the Geylang International players as they watched Brunei DPMM topple them off their winning streak with a scoreline of 0-1.

The Eagles faced the non-appearance of two of key players, Jozef Kaplan and Fabian Kwok on the field, with the former still facing a suspension after being sent off the field in match played against Home United last week and the latter on crutches. It was up to Vice-captain Stefan Milojevic to fill in the shoes of Kaplan, a heavy duty considering this was his first game after a seven-month stint due to his injury.

The pressure was on for the team who had not lost a single game in the last few matches. The Eagles went on the offensive in the first half, in hopes that their aggression would put off the Brunei DPMM team. The audience was in anticipation during the 1st minute as Geylang nearly scored their first goal in the form of a free kick by No. 2 Khairulnizam Jumahat. It was DPMM’s goalkeeper Wardun Yussof who spoilt the chance after deflecting the ball up and away from the net.

It was an evenly-matched game proceeding that, with both teams going back and forth in the attack. Even with a couple of close calls, none did much damage to the other and the first half was left hanging in the air with a score of 0-0.

Geylang decided to switch to the defensive in the second half, diligently hounding the opponents whenever given the chance. The change in tactic made a noticeable improvement for Geylang’s game play. There was better fluidity for the team as and they were able to follow through more efficiently. It however seemed to be an off day for Eagles No. 9 Shotaro Ihata as he made a couple of fumbles that delayed the chance for an equaliser. A hesitation by Shotaro at the penalty box led to Geylang missing the chance for a much-needed goal at the 58th minute.

The game finally came to a halt when Brunei No. 13 Rosmin Kamis finally scored at the 81st minute in the form of a free kick. It was a straight shot fired by Rosmin that barely sailed past the goalkepeper’s hands and into the top left of the net. What ensued was the urgency on Geylang’s part to score an equaliser. Combined with a series of unlucky shots and Brunei’s steady interception, the situation was looking bleak for Geylang. Furthermore, the Eagles were hard pressed for time. They were given a further opportunity to execute that crucial goal in the extended four minutes, but it unfortunately did not happen, leaving the celebration to the DPMM team at the final whistle blown.

“I think it was a very even game, both sides were very cautious. We didn’t want to lose the game (because) we wanted to catch up with the others,” said Geylang coach, Kanan Vedhamuthu, “I’m happy with their performance and they’re looking forward to the next game against Home United.”

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