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Our vision for GIFC is to continue the tradition of identifying, attracting and developing talent. As a club renowned for its talent development programme, it is important that we ensure the young are given all the encouragement to hone their skills and realise their full potential.

Playing Philosophy

Our playing and development philosophy at GIFC will hinge on these 3 basic principles: Boldness in Simplicity, Teamwork and Effectiveness.

Boldness in Simplicity: The desire to perform with simple and effective passes would require both physical and mental fitness, necessary ingredients for effective creation of spaces and options throughout the game. Quick thinking and learning agility will be critical to our playing philosophy. All these would entail the courage to accept a change in mindsets, behaviour and training regime.

Teamwork: The scalability of our playing philosophy would depend on the ability of our players to work as a compact unit in both offensive and defensive situations. Every player must have a clear understanding of his role and responsibilities and that of his team mates. Team cohesion and spirit will soar in tandem with positive outcomes.

Effectiveness: Our coaches and players will have to challenge conventional training methods and approaches to ensure effectiveness is a priority, through honest and clear communication.

Geylang International FC Football Competencies

The Playing Philosophy is underpinned by GIFC Football Competencies. These are clearly defined behaviours for players to realise a positive outcome for the team. The Football Competencies will serve as a basis for recruitment and selection of players for our  P-League and S-League Teams. This consistency will provide clear guidelines and expectations. Aspiring players will be familiar with these behaviours as they graduate through the ranks.

 Performance Management System

The player’s performance at each competitive match will be rated according to the GIFC Football Competencies during a face-to-face feedback session with the coach. Another outcome of the session will be a mutually agreed individual development plan.

Financial Discipline

As a modest club with limited financial resources, it is imperative that management, coaching staff and players exercise financial prudence at all times and maintain a simple lifestyle. It is our duty to exercise financial discipline at the club to weather any unforeseen circumstances that may arise in the future.


Guided by the values of hard work, discipline, commitment and passion, I am quietly confident that we will realise gradual transformation both on and off the field in the months ahead.

I salute the fans, sponsors and well-wishers for their unconditional support and encouragement to the players during the past few months and look forward to their unwavering support in the future.

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