Geylang International FC

A trace of GUFC in Rome

It will probably be the only piece of Geylang United and Singapore Football in Italy.

Eagles fan, Nigel Gan, who is also a vivid S.S. Lazio supporter had purchased a GUFC scarf and placed it at the Gabriele Sandri Foundation in Rome, Italy. Nigel visited Rome last week to attend the Roman derby between Roma and Lazio. It is also his fourth trip to Rome, and his second Rome derby in two years.

The foundation is a non profitable organization that preaches non violence, and also to honor Gabriele Sandri, a Lazio fan who was shot on 11 November 2007 when he was on the way to the Lazio and Inter Milan match.

On this visit, Nigel specially brought a GUFC scarf to the foundation. According to Nigel, fans from all over the world had all brought football jerseys, scarves and other items from their clubs to donate to the foundation.

“The Gabriele Sandri Foundation also has a library that contains football books, donated by the fans,” Nigel said.

“Geylang United is my hometown team and I am proud of them. What better than paying my respect to Gabriele, with a scarf of my home team, from where I belong,” Nigel said, when asked what made him want to donate the Geylang United scarf.

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