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5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Versatile Defender Syed Thaha

11212126_956749461011343_3452475517148950510_oGeylang International’s Utility Player, Syed Thaha Shares His Views & Opinions About Facing ‘RHB Singapore Cup’ 2014 Champions, Balestier Khalsa FC, This Friday At Jalan Besar Stadium.

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Versatile Defender Syed Thaha

Question 1 –

Congratulations on the back-to-back victories against both uniformed giants, Warriors FC and Home United FC in the last two weeks. Your thoughts about the team’s overall performance in both games and how have the Eagles geared up for the match against the Balestier Khalsa FC ?

Ans: Thank you very much. I believe that the team’s spirit have improved and gotten so much better. Although we won the game, we still felt that we could have played much better. Nevertheless, the effort each and everyone of us gave throughout both games was simply, excellent. For our next game with the Tigers, we have been training hard and also been watching videos of our previous games as a team, to see in which aspects we can improve our game play.

Question 2 –

You will be facing your former club, Balestier Khalsa FC on Friday. However, this time round in your second stint with the Eagles, you will be donning the majestic green and white jersey. How has the journey been this season as an Eagle and what can you expect going up against your former team-mates at Jalan Besar Stadium?

Ans: This year’s journey with the Eagles by far has been great. We understand each other day by day and I feel that teamwork is very important, be it either on or off the pitch. As for my ex-Balestier team-mates, they definitely know my style of play since I’ve been with them for the past 3 years. However, it is not entirely about how I am going to play, but instead more about how the Eagles perform as a team.

Question 3 –

In the S.League’s first round, the Tigers defeated the Eagles 2-1 at Toa Payoh Stadium in March 2015. However, over-time with Coach Jorg Steinebrunner and his trusted colleagues’ guidance, Geylang has managed to deliver some decent performances.

Do you think that Geylang can avenge the defeat and extend their winning streak to three games at the expense of Balestier Khalsa FC ?

Ans: Winning and losing has been always a part of the football journey. Sometimes, no matter how good you play, you can still lose games. Vice-versa, despite a bad performance, you can still end up winning games. It is the effort and hard work that makes a team emerge victorious consistently. Of course, my hope is to win all games with the Eagles, especially against my former club, Balestier Khalsa. Furthermore, I believe we can do it, if we give our very best.

Question 4 –

Geylang International have recorded their second clean-sheet of the season, after a 1-0 win over Home United FC. Do you think that our back-line which is led by the impressive defensive duo, Hafiz Osman and Kento Fukuda can work hand in hand with Yazid Yazin to refrain the Tigers from scoring, this time round ?

Ans: I believe that the Eagles can achieve a clean sheet again if we continue the momentum and repeat the performance of our past two games. No doubt, we are proud to have one of the best goalkeepers, the S.League has ever seen and that also explains the clean sheets so far. As for Hafiz Osman and Kento, they both have good leadership commands and are superb in aerial challenges. Furthermore, the both of them, are like the ‘Spartan Leaders’ from the movie, ‘300’. (HaHaHa)

Question 5 –

Any encouraging words to the determined and dedicated Eagles’ Fans whom will be tuning in to our news feeds or even making their way to Jalan Besar Stadium to cheer on the Eagles as they face a gritty and resolute Balestier Khalsa side ?

Ans: The support from the fans and family members from the first game till now have been top class. They stood by us, despite victory or defeats. This is what true fans are and I respect them for that aspect. Without fans, football is nothing. I seriously hope they will continue to support the Eagles, as we strive to soar to the top.

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