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5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Spider-Man, Syazwan Buhari

Geylang International’s Spider-Man, Syazwan Buhari Shares His Views & Opinions About Being A Geylang Eagle.

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Spider-Man, Syazwan Buhari

Question 1 –

Syazwan, you have always been tremendous in between the sticks. Share with us the experience of joining the Eagles, how has the GIFC dressing room been and how do you find the fans of Geylang? 

 Ans: Geylang is only the second club that I have played since signing a professional contract. After being with the Young Lions for 6 years, I feel that joining Geylang made me step out of my comfort zone and it really step up my game with the senior players always demanding the best out of all players. The GIFC dressing room is very positive with everyone getting along well with each other. Jokes and banters are always flying around the room with Isa leading it and it ensures that everyone feel relax before going into every training and game. When it comes to the fans, we have one of the best in the league. Be it the Ultra Eagles or “Cik Rafe Group”, hearing their voice cheering for us non-stop in every game regardless of the score always give us an added motivation and edge during the game and the whole team is really thankful for that.

Question 2 –

How has GIFC Goalkeeping Coach Narong Saiket improved your performance and share a goalkeeping tip from Coach Narong to all the aspiring goalkeepers out there?

Ans: Coach Narong have been really helpful in my development as a goalkeeper and having work with the likes of Rezal Hassan and Hassan Sunny, there is no doubt in his ability to help me excel to a higher level. His analysis of opponent is one of the most important aspect in preparing me for an upcoming game as it aids me in countering the way the opponent attacks. Two important points that he always emphasize on is to be Mentally Strong and to always Be In A Good Position. Once you are in a good position before a cross or a shot, it will make your job 50% easier. And always remember to put on your gloves before you step into the pitch or you will spend the first 15 minutes of training finding your gloves. We do have a cheeky group of goalkeepers. Not forgetting, Coach Narong also makes one of the best Thai Iced Tea I’ve ever tasted. Mind-blowing taste.

Question 3 –

Everybody knows you are more than capable to be in the national squad. You earned your first-call up in July 2016, any aspirations of donning the national jersey once again? How do you plan to do it and by when do you plan to achieve it?

Ans: It is an honour for anybody to be able to represent their country and it is no different for me. It has always been my target to be in the National Team and to play games for the country at the senior level. At the moment, we have Hassan Sunny, Izwan Mahbud and Zaiful Nizam, hence to compete with them it is a very tough task, but at the same time it is a good learning experience for me as the three custodians are the most experienced goalkeepers we have in the league. I can only put in good performance for Geylang and it will be up to the National coaches to decide my fate. I have not put a time on when I should get my 1st cap for Singapore, as I do not want to put too much pressure on myself but of course I hope to do so before I retire. However, for now simply it will be ‘GeylangBoleh!’ all the way.

Question 4 –

You are currently the ambassador of the goalkeeper gloves brand, APD. How did you get this sponsorship, how has APD been instrumental in your performance and what makes APD gloves so special amongst the other prolific brands?

Ans: I got this partnership through their distributor in Singapore after they brought over the gloves from Thailand and were looking for local goalkeepers to ‘wear’ the brand. I am really surprised at the quality of the gloves the first time I tried it on. I did not think twice when I was being offered to represent APD, because APD has been very supportive in providing the best gloves available for me so that I can put in the best performance during games and training. I have personally seen goalkeepers who was sceptical about the brand at first, but decided to stay with APD after using it the first time and that what make APD truly special. It is not only their unique gloves with a special lining inside, but the quality of APD’s service and bond with its goalkeepers.

Question 5 –

After a slow start in the S.League with some hiccups, the Eagles seem to be taking flight in the second-half of the season with a rejuvenated form. Please do explain how is the team confidence going towards the remainder games, what is this year’s target and how has the team prepared for Brunei DPMM tonight?

Ans: The confidence levels and morale levels are good and high at the moment but we always have to remind ourselves not to be overconfident. Right now the target, is to try to win the League Cup and I believe the team got a good chance of doing so. As for the league competition, we have to take one game at a time and do our best to slowly climb up the standings and get ourselves in a better position. The preparation for Brunei DPMM has been going well and despite already qualifying for the semi, we will not take this game very lightly and will still go out there and go for the win.

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