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5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Speedy Winger Hafiz Nor

11265494_959551790731110_9148238705091281593_oGeylang International’s Speed Demon, Hafiz Nor Shares His Views & Opinions About Facing Hougang United FC, Tomorrow At Hougang Stadium.

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Speedy Winger Hafiz Nor

Question 1 –

Geylang International FC have been unbeaten in the last three games. Do you think that the Eagles can finish the month of ‘May’ on a high-note by extending that streak with a victory against Hougang United ?

Ans: According to me, the team has gelled very well so far and we play better with greater teamwork and cohesiveness now, as compared to the start of the season. We currently have the momentum and we will go to Hougang with a winning mentality. I believe that, if we play and perform like the last three games, we can indeed finish on a high note by being unbeaten in May.

Question 2 –

Your thoughts about the team’s overall performance thus far, and how have the Eagles prepared for the match against the Cheetahs ?

Ans: I feel that the team this season has been simply, marvellous. We are currently high in morale and the team boosts up after every training session. We would love to keep the upbeat performance going and I know that with great determination, we can extend our good run of results as well.

Question 3 –

In the S.League’s first round, Geylang indeed had a run of disappointing results, but over-time with Coach Jorg Steinebrunner and his trusted colleagues’ guidance, Geylang has managed to deliver some decent performances, recently.

In your opinion, how has the squad developed, compared to start of the season and your views about playing a vital part in a lethal attacking unit which consists of Tatsuro Inui, Jozef Kaplan and Bruno Castanheira, this season?

Ans: To be honest, at the start of the season, we did not execute our ‘game-play’ properly, as compared to the pre-season campaign. However, after a few games, we familiarized and returned to the desired, style of play and have been the ‘surprise package’ recently. I believe that every team wants to beat our squad now, but the Eagles will promise to give our best in every game.

The four of us have good communication upfront and finally the team has benefited with the three of them getting onto the score-sheet. The trio have been very hardworking all season long and they will not stop just yet, as their hunger for goals have increased after netting some spectacular goals, last week.

Question 4 –

Hafiz, a couple of goal-scoring chances were not converted in the last few games. The fans and supporters are eagerly awaiting for the twinkled-toed magician to open his season’s goal scoring account ? What are your views and do you think you can net your first goal of the season against Hougang ?

Ans: Honestly, I feel that my goals will come soon enough. I always believe in the phrase, ‘Patience is a Virtue’. I will give my best and go all out with guns blazing against the Cheetahs to score my first goal for the season. Nevertheless, a team victory is always more important than an individual goal to my name.

Question 5 –

Support at the Jalan Besar Stadium for the past two games were undeniably, exhilarating as the Geylang crowd were boisterous and were in full voice throughout the 90 minutes.

Any encouraging words to the determined and dedicated Eagles’ Fans whom will be tuning in to our news feeds or even making their way to Hougang Stadium to cheer on the Eagles as they face a tenacious and steadfast Hougang United side ?

Ans: I would like to thank all the Eagles’ fans and the ‘Ultras Eagles’ for their tremendous support this season. Win, Lose or Draw, the fans are constantly there to cheer for us in every game. The 90 minutes of non-stop cheering, do give all the players a morale boost and it certainly injects ‘life’ into a game. On behalf of the team, thank you once again and see you at Hougang Stadium, tomorrow.

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