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5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Robust Defensive Armour Khairulnizam Jumahat

11856320_1128308630516964_2088951792607956482_oGeylang International’s robust defender and defensive armour, Khairulnizam Jumahat shares his thoughts as an Eagle and his views about the upcoming fixture against Balestier Khalsa, on 18th September 2015 at Jalan Besar Stadium.

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Robust Defensive Armour Khairulnizam Jumahat

Question 1 –

What is the best highlight or favourite moment of this season, with Geylang International FC ?

Ans: I strongly think that the highlight of the season thus far, would be definitely, the 4-2 win over Brunei DPMM in ‘The New Paper’ League Cup 2015. It was a nerve wrecking game, as the winners of that fixture, would be granted a spot in the Semi-Finals. Nevertheless, we stuck to our game plan and played our hearts out, to etch a magnificent win against the in-form Bruneians. The League Cup’s journey itself was memorable as we scored 10 goals in three games and the whole team were rewarded for their determined performance.

Question 2 –

Geylang finally ended the winless streak as the Eagles shared the spoils with Warriors FC and clinched a vital point with Jozef Kaplan’s late equalizer. How do you feel about that hard-earned draw result ?

Ans: Firstly, it was a well worked and deserved equalizer. We did not fret throughout the game, as we knew the goal would come, despite hitting the posts thrice. In the end, we were happy with result, but disappointed that we could have gone on to get the three points. Nevertheless, ending the losing streak and claiming a point, certainly, gives us the motivation that we required. With 10 games left, we know that we are in the right track and that we will climb up the table over time, with determined performances and favourable results.


Question 3 –

Do you have any pre-match rituals and what goes on in the Eagles dressing room before every game ?

Ans: I do not have any particular pre-match rituals, except for prayers just before entering the pitch. In the dressing room, the Geylang players and myself normally are very lively and boisterous. We normally laugh and crack jokes to put aside out nervousness, but at the same time, we definitely focus on the game. The funniest guy has to be Syed Thaha. He always in the centre of attention and makes all kinds of jokes to make our stomachs hurt because of excessive laughter.

Question 4 –

What do you do in your free time and do you have any hobbies or pastimes ?

Ans: Other than football or soccer, I always find time to spend my rest days with my family and friends. Family and friends are very important in my life and without their support, I would not be able to pursue my dream of being a football player. Besides them, I have a soft spot for Fishing. I always go fish, when I have the time, to relax myself, free my mind and just put aside soccer for that moment. Fishing, definitely aids me to be more patient and calm, which I can transfer over, when I playing so that I will be compose and make accurate decisions in hectic situations.


Question 5 –

Geylang will be coming off a 20-day break before taking on Balestier Khalsa and are you confident of clinching three points against the ruthless Tigers ?

Ans: I think that the break is a bit too long, but I am sure that the Eagles have prepared and trained well. We are fresh and tough enough play against the Tigers. We are not going to JBS to just sit and play for a draw, but instead go all out for the win. Coach Jorg Steinbrunner utilized the long break well and has made us work on our set-plays, be it defensive and offensive. It will be an intensifying and entertaining game tomorrow. I am hoping that our attackers will give the Balestier’s defence a hard time. Jozef Kaplan and Bruno Castanheira, both scored a brilliant goal each, in the previous fixture and I wish them luck to get more goals under their belt.

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