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5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Midfield Maestro Mustaqim Manzur

11894547_1128309133850247_2136138561096761165_oGeylang International’s Midfield Maestro Mustaqim Manzur shares his opinions as an Eagle and his thoughts about the upcoming fixture against Home United FC on 30th October 2015 at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Midfield Maestro Mustaqim Manzur

Question 1 –

Your thoughts about the game against Albirex? We were defensively apt and contained the White Swans for 75 minutes, but what went wrong after that?

Ans: The last game against Albirex was indeed a disappointing and painful defeat, because we were close in getting at least a point, away from home. However, lapses in concentration allowed the two goals and we were not able to mount a comeback, as time soon expired. Nevertheless, our finishing was insignificant and we did not convert any of our chances at goal. The Eagles were determined throughout the game as we prevented the hosts from creating any notable chances in the first-half. Our forwards, even came down and did their respective defensive duties as well. In the last quarter, a quick break caught us off guard and we went down from there.

Question 2 –

How has the Eagles journey been for you this season and how do you find Geylang International?

Ans: Geylang International is a great club with a rich history. The squad is well-balanced, with a good mix of youth and experienced players. We had a good run in The New Paper League Cup 2015, but bowed out in the Semi-Finals. It has been full of ups and downs throughout the season. We started brightly in the first-half of the season, but slowly our hopes diminished as we were plagued by unfortunate injuries. We then became victims of defeats and caused us to be in the current slump. Nevertheless, the camaraderie between the players have been strong and we are eager to finish the season on a high note and definitely, not at the last spot because none of the players or management, ever ended their season as cellar-dwellers.


Question 3 –

Who is your favourite player and which is your favourite club in the World of Football?

Ans: It has to be Andrea Pirlo from New York City FC because he is a free-kick specialist and is usually deployed as a deep-lying playmaker in midfield. Furthermore, he is a certainly a living midfield legend due to his vision, ball control and passing ability. My favourite club is hands down, Liverpool FC. My blood runs on Merseyside Red and I am a proud ‘Kopite’.

Question 4 –

Which is your favourite moment in your S.League career?

Ans: There have been many favourite moments in the S.League. I have previously played for Gombak United, Home United, Courts Young Lions and Singapore Armed Forces (now known as Warriors FC). Apart from winning the S.League championship four times, it is the bonding and making of new team-mates, that always instil a great moment. They have been great buddies, peers, brothers and friends. On top of that, the first on my favourite moment would be to participate in the Asian Champions League. It was definitely an eye opener and it was a whole new level compared to the quality in the local league. A single team’s budget is perhaps bigger than the budget of the whole league so you can imagine the type of quality they have in the competition. Our boys in Singapore have to look beyond our shores and play at that level, then our quality in Singapore football will improve.


Question 5 –

The Eagles have been on rough patch so far with 17 points from 22 games. Your thoughts or game-plan for our next game against the 10-match unbeaten Protectors?

Ans: We are all pumped and read to face the dangerous Home United side. We are aware of their unbeaten streak and their ferocious attacking prowess. However, instead of ending or halting their commendable run, we are more focused on winning our game against the Protectors, to get out of the bottom spot. We will frustrate and invade. We will soak up the pressure and launch counter attacks, in bid to net goals. The longer the Protectors are unable to open the scoring, the better for us. However, the Eagles, will do their very best to earn three points and escalate ourselves out from the bottomless pit.

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