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5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Master Tactician Jorg Steinebrunner

Geylang International’s Head Coach, Jorg Steinebrunner shares his opinions as the Eagle’s Mastermind and also his thoughts about the S.League, as the Eagles host against the defending ‘S.League Champions’, Warriors FC on 20th November 2015 at Bedok Stadium.

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Master Tactician Jorg Steinebrunner

Question 1 –
Coach Jorg, you are one of the few whom have been on both sides of the S.League as a player and a manager. Do explain to us your thoughts about the different roles and which era you preferred?

Ans: I moved abroad to Singapore in 1998 and signed for Tanjong Pagar United. In the same year, we won the Singapore Cup and FA Cup for the first time in the Jaguars’ history. I continued my career at the same club for another five years, before deciding to move into coaching in 2004. After a stint in Indonesia, I was approached by Geylang International FC in 2014.

Playing and coaching are two different ends of the spectrum. It felt weird from attending trainings to planning and improvising training sessions. It was initially tough but over time, I got used to the position and the various clubs’ journey brought me a lot of experience, across the years. It was a different ball game having 20-25 players working simultaneously towards your tactics and game-plans.

Personally, in the earlier days as player, Singapore stadiums were full and packed beyond its full capacity. On top of that, over hundred fans were still awaiting and queuing to purchase tickets even though the game kicked-off. There was a particular buzz about the S.League before. There were drive and burning desire in both the players and the passionate fans. Overall, I still prefer the older days because, the S.League had the attendance and publicity, but it unfortunately lost it over time.

Question 2 –

You have been highly associated with being the ‘Jose Mourinho’ of the S.League. What is your take of the acclaimed statement?

Ans: I take that as a compliment. Both of us are very passionate and we do not like it when other factors do no treat us in a fair manner. I believe both of us have the same character. I think being very emotional is not wrong and being animated at the touchlines are just part of our lives. Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola have that one thing in common – They do not worry about what others think of them, as they are only concerned about the performance and results.

Question 3 –

Who is your favourite player in the world of football and Why?

Ans: I personally have three in mind. There are Steven Gerrard, Francesco Totti and Paolo Maldini. I rate this trio very highly because they have a sense of belonging to their respective clubs. The came from youth academies and made their way up the ranks to be established footballers. The commitment to their club is simply indispensable and irreplaceable. All of them could have won more trophies if they had initiated or decided on a move. However, they stuck to their roots and played for their boyhood colours.


Question 4

How has your full-fledged season with Geylang International been?

Ans: It has been a mixed season with both ups and downs. Overall, I am delighted but I believe that we could have done better, as there is always room for improvement. It has been a joy to coach Geylang International and the supporters are simply terrific. The whole team has been outstanding and for me there are no superstars in my team. If a player stands out, he has many good players around him.
Overall, I would really like to mention thanks to Andrew Ang, Scott Starr, Owen Manoghan, FiFi and Faizal for their good working relationship. There were constantly beside me, facing each and every hurdle along the way.
We have a last task and that is to etch a possible victory against the defending S.League champs, Warriors FC, so that we can overtake the Courts Young Lions and finish in the Top 8. It is possible and we will be going all guns blazing to finish the season undefeated in five games and also on a sweet note for the fans.

Question 5
As a Head Coach, please select your strongest XI in the world of football?

Ans: I will go with a 4-2-3-1 formation and these are my team-orientated selections.

Manuel Neuer
Paolo Maldini
Franz Beckenbaeur
Franco Baresi

Claude Makelele
Bastian Schweinsteiger

David Beckham
Lionel Messi
Marco Van Basten


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