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5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Goalkeeper Coach Scott Starr

11249852_951456708221514_534357979906052400_nGeylang International’s Goalkeeper Coach Scott Starr, Shares His Experience As An Eagle & His Thoughts About Facing Global FC in the ‘RHB Singapore Cup 2015 Quarter-Finals 2nd Leg’, at the Bedok Stadium on 16th August 2015.

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Goalkeeper Coach Scott Starr

Question 1 –

What are your opinions about the previous fixture against Global FC and what are your thoughts going into the 2nd Leg with a slender 1-0 advantage ?

Ans: Global is a powerhouse in the Philippines and it really felt good to keep a clean sheet against them. It always feels great and it is indeed a rewarding outcome to not concede goals, as the defensive determination and trainings for the past months, paid its dividends.

I am certainly looking forward to the return leg, back at Bedok Stadium. Global are very dangerous in attack and they will do just that with extra effort, to get a goal to level the tie. They are certainly hungry for goals and will be pressing from the first minute. Hence, we have to be focused, disciplined and catch them on the break by utilizing our strength; Counter-Attacks. If we are able to keep another clean sheet, we are through to the RHB Singapore Cup 2015 Semi-Finals!

Question 2 –

How has the Geylang International coaching experience been and why is Geylang, a special club to you ?

Ans: It has been a great educational and exciting experience in many ways. Overall, the club is working hard with its players, coaches and staff to strive and thrive in the near future. Geylang is a special club because, the club is similar to Celtic FC in Scotland. The green and white army also share the attribute about being rich in tradition and have great history behind the club. Geylang has the potential to be the local powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with in Singapore Football in the coming years. It is a club that is in a rebuilding stage, which is always exciting to play a part in its timely progress and success.


Question 3 –

When did you first begin to play in between the posts and what were your previous clubs ?

Ans: I have always played in goals since I started playing football at six years of age. It is a unique position in football, where you are allowed to used you hands. Furthermore, being a goalkeeper is also an individual position, meaning you do not have to run or have much skills. However, the modern day keepers have made the ‘skills’ attribute a vital factor in their game play. I have played for an approximately 20 different clubs over 3 continents in my playing years. The more notable ones, are certainly two clubs under the Scottish League divisions – Queens of South FC and Queens Park FC.

Question 4 –

How do you find the goalkeepers in Singapore as compared to Europe and what would constitute your ideal goalkeeper ?

Ans: In terms of all the goalkeepers that I have coached, I look past the physical aspects and see that the Singapore custodians have more hunger and desire to improve themselves. The Singaporeans constantly evolve their new training methods as compared to out dated training regimes, in bid to constantly improve their performance.

I like all the styles of various goalkeepers, hence if you ‘rojak’ the Asian, European, Central American and South American cultured trainings and mould them into one goalkeeper, then you would have developed the perfect concoction for the ‘ultimate’ goalkeeper.


Question 5 –

Being the Coach of Goalkeeping Academy, STARRKEEPERS, any words of encouragement/advice to budding goalkeepers and what do you seek the most, when selecting a goalkeeper ?

Ans: Nothing is given to you on  a plate, you need to work hard and be focused in every training session, be dedicated and passionate about reaching your own objectives. I look out for many attributes, but most importantly, is their dedication. Without the ability to be dedicated to trainings, you will never make it far in that coveted position of being a goalkeeper.


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