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5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Dribbling Whiz Shawal Anuar

10904619_897679086918381_5721966389860790315_oGeylang International’s young starlet, Shawal Anaur shares his experience as an Eagle player and his thoughts about the upcoming ‘Eastern Derby’ fixture against Tampines Rovers FC, on 29th July 2015 at Jurong West Stadium.

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Dribbling Whiz Shawal Anuar

Question 1 –

Shawal, how has your journey as an Eagle in the S.League been so far this season compared to last season’s Prime League experience ?

Ans: It has been superb and It feels awesome to be training alongside experience players. Everyday, I learn new traits about being a professional player from all of them. It was completely different when I was in the Eagles’ Prime League squad as the league was not as tough compared to S.League. Nevertheless, I trained daily with a burning desire to break into the first team, and I was overjoyed once I heard the news that Coach Jorg wanted me to be part of the senior set-up for next season, that fateful morning. However, it is not the end, but only the beginning as I am in the professional level now and I have to work my socks off to improve myself day in and day out.

Question 2 –

Your thoughts about the loss to Harimau Muda and how do you think we will fare against Tampines consider it being the Eastern Derby?

Ans: Honestly, I think we did play our best and gave all out for the 90 minutes. However, the luck was not on our side. Despite the result, it is over and done with because now we have to forget the game and look forward to exciting Eastern Derby against Tampines Rovers FC. I pledge that the Eagles will continue to fight on and show our never-say-die attitude till the final whistle. A victory would be great as it would help us propel up table and leapfrog the Stags themselves.

Question 3 –

Other than Soccer/Football, do you have any other hobbies or past-time and where did you first start playing soccer ?

Ans: Besides football, I love to cycle long distances and play ‘Sepak Takraw’ with my friends. However, soccer is my first love and I started playing the sport when I was in Secondary 2. I had always admired the skills and footwork of older and experienced players whom played in the Street Soccer Court of Clementi. It slowly turned into motivation as I started to train by myself to learn new tricks and perfect my techniques. A few years ago, a group of my friends and I, used to enter tournaments to showcase our talents and pit our skills against other opponents around the island. That was where, I learnt how to take on defenders with my speed and trickery. After much practice and adapting to the professional world of football, surprisingly I am still able to use those mini snippets of skills in my current games, as well.

Question 4 –

Which player do you like/envy or look up to in the Eagles’ dressing room and in the World of Football ?

Ans: In the GIFC dressing room, I look up to Anaz Hadee. He taught me some things to take note or do during matches and training to improve my game-play. Actually, all the GIFC senior players are very motivational and they take me under their wings relentlessly. In the World of Football, I would like to be Gareth Bale of Real Madrid FC, because of the way he dribbles and his burst of sprints with the ball is certainly admirable. Furthermore, his shooting technique is exceptionally superb.

Question 5 –

What makes Geylang International FC special to you ?

Ans:  The current Team Spirit is very strong according to me. I honestly feel, like I am part of a new ‘family’ with the Eagles. Furthermore, the team has been continuously helping each other to improve regardless of our strengths, weaknesses, age or size. Geylang International FC is special because I have been taught from the youth set-up that we keep on fighting as ONE, till the final whistle and through the season. I am delighted at Geylang International, as each and everyone got each other’s back at all times.

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