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5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Diligent Midfielder Huzaifah Abdul Aziz


Geylang International’s explosive yet flexible midfielder, Huzaifah Abdul Aziz shares his experience as an Eagle player and his thoughts about the upcoming crunching away fixture against Brunei DPMM FC, on 05th August 2015 at Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium.

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Diligent Midfielder Huzaifah Abdul Aziz

Question 1 –

What were your previous clubs and when did you first join Geylang International ?

Ans : Before Geylang, I played for the National Football Academy (NFA) U-13 to U-15 and also plyeed my trade at Home United U-18 squads.

My first involvement with Geylang international was back in 2013, when Coach Noor Ali almost signed me for the Eagles’ Prime League team. However, I had to terminate the contract due to National Service. However, in the midst of serving the nation as aN SCDF Fireman, I relished the chance and signed as a PL player under Coach V Kannan and Coach Nazareno Velez.

It was a really good season for me last year as the Coaches believed in my qualities and really utilised my skills and speed as an advantage to our attack. As a player to be playing under that faith and courage in a Coach, it felt really great as it really boosted my confidence level to play in each game, with constatnt flare.

Question 2 –

Being a Singapore Sports School alumnus, you would have International Caps under your belt, as a youth player. Care to elaborate more on the overseas playing experience and how has it benefited you as a player ?

Ans: Yes. Singapore Sports School, was where I began observing football under a different light. It was certainly a pleasant experience training with other gifted footballers and truly it was a definite, eye-opener representing Singapore. My first experience wearing the National Flag crest on my jersey, was at 12 years old in Japan in an invitational tournament. Since then, I have been traveling to various countries for friendlies and in AFC International Youth competitions. The unforgettable experience has given me much confidence in my current games and I have learnt a few skills and strategies from other players across the continent.

Honestly, I’m really looking forward to wear that national jersey again and would be trianing hard to compete for a spot in the 2017 Singapore SEA Games squad.

Question 3 –

Huzaifah, your natural position is left forward, but Coach Jorg Steinebrunner has been playing you as a full-back in the Eagles line of defence ? Furthermore, what are your thoughts about going to Brunei to face the formidable DPMM squad ?

Ans: Coach Jorg is a great tactician and I am alright that he has to sacrifice me for the left-back position because there is no 2nd choice left-back. Furthermore, it adds to versatility in improving my game. I have to be adaptable, in fact it is actually better that I am able to be flexible with positions, so that I can be present the coaches with a wider range of choices when I am avialable for selection.

We, Geylang will be travelling to Brunei to face DPMM, but we are not intimidated or nervous of any sorts. We have been on a winless streak, but I am confident that we can overturn our fortunes with a victory at Brunei. The Coaches have worked very hard and have prepared us for the crunching fixture. Hence, if we put our hearts in and focus on the game, we can get the three vital points.


Question 4 –

Who is your favourite player in the world and what makes Geylang International ‘SPECIAL’ to you ?

Ans: I started playing soccer at void-decks with my sublings, when I was 4-years-old. From then, Raul Gonzalez Blanco meant everything to me. We shared the same birth-date and his playing certainly caught my eye. He is still my favourite, but over time, I try to idolize and emulate my playing style towards Argentine winger, Angel Di Maria.

Geylang has always been special to me. I learned, earned and received my first professional contract with the Eagles. Therefore, I would not forget my roots at any costs. Furthermore, alike to my family members, whom are the pillars of strength in my life, Geylang always took really good care of me and constantly motivates me to be a better player.

Question 5 –

You have many admirers amongst the Eagles’ fans and supporters. Waves of applause are heard when you come into the game. Many fans are still in a dilemma and would love to clarify their doubts.
“Are you single and what is the one sole attribute you are looking for, in you future ‘other-half’ ?

Ans: Honestly, I am very flattered and surprised at the same time. I really wish I can express my aprreciation and thank everyone of them personally. Nonetheless, about the atributes, I do not really mind, looks or age because, so long as my ‘special one’ has a good heart and we both have good ‘chemistry’, I will be more than happy. And, YES, I am SINGLE. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

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