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5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Defensive Shield Yuki Ichikawa

Geylang International’s Defensive Shield Yuki Ichikawa shares his opinions as an Eagle and his thoughts about the upcoming fixture against Hougang United FC on 09th November 2015 at the Bedok Stadium.

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Defensive Shield Yuki Ichikawa

Question 1 –

It was a frustrating 2-2 draw against Courts Young Lions and the Eagles will face the Cheetahs next. Your opinions and thoughts about the Young Lions’ stalemate and the upcoming match against Hougang United at Bedok Stadium?

Ans: I am very disappointed that we allowed two goals late in the game and that cost us the three points. We could have clinched our third consecutive win this season, but due to the unfortunate turn of events, we managed a draw. Nevertheless, we are still unbeaten and we want to keep that up till the end of the season. I will give my best against Hougang and the whole team wants to finish the season on a high note. Furthermore, it will be a battle between the ninth and tenth spot teams, and we need a win to make sure we do not finish the season at bottom spot. Hougang are indeed a tough and robust, but I believe, we Eagles are going to be offensive to get the vital win and soar to greater heights.


Question 2 –

What makes Geylang International very special to your heart?

Ans: Before I came to Geylang, I used to play for a few clubs in Japan. After my stint with Albirex Niigata (S), Geylang International signed me up back in 2014. I am very comfortable at the Eagles’ Nest because everybody looks out for each other. We are more like a family and with peers like Kento Fukuda, Tatsuro Inui and Bruno Castanheira in the same team, it makes my stay even delightful. The club has given me a chance and I am very grateful to the staff, coaches and management for the opportunity. The two seasons at Bedok, have been awesome and the team bond is getting stronger day by day. I really appreciate everything that the club has done for me be it on or off the pitch.

Question 3 –

Who is your favourite Player in the World and Football? Why?

Ans: My favourite player has always been Javier Mascherano because of his fighting spirit and tackling ability. He is also a very intelligent player whom can read the game well and intercept passes with ease. Furthermore, he can also adapt well into any position across the back four and also be utilized as a defensive cover for the backline. I always look up to his playing style for both club and country.


Question 4 –

Coach Jorg has placed you as a central midfielder in the recent games and you are doing well in that spot. Do you like the position or do you prefer your orthodox role as a left-back or covering centre-back?

Ans: I can play in any position across the backline. However, if the coach wants me to play out of my comfort zone and if I can do well to help the team, why not. I believe that versatility and adaptability can win team some games. Almost all of the Geylang players are able to don double roles and we can adjust well to our coaches’ instructions. Overall, it is very interesting in the middle of the park as one has to have deft touches and win aerial challenges time and time again. It is a challenging role, but I believe, I can do better in the next two upcoming matches.

Question 5 –

Your thoughts about the upcoming game between Singapore and Japan in the World Cup Qualifiers happening at the Sports Hub National Stadium? Which team are you supporting and any predictions?

Ans: It will be once again a cracking game between the Blue Samurais and Lions. . I will be definitely catching the game ‘live’ at the prestigious Sports Hub National Stadium. I always supported Japan since young, and I think this time Japan will clinch a victory. However, I am also aware of the Singapore players whom are gutsy and have great fighting spirit as they can give any team a hard time on their given day. It will be an entertaining and exciting game, but I wish both the teams good luck as Japan and Singapore needs a victory to seal their qualification to the next round. However, my money is still on the Samurai Blue.


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