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5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Defender Hafiz Osman


Geylang International’s Centre-Back, Hafiz Osman shares his thoughts about the Eagles’ upcoming fixture against the defending ‘S.League Champions’, Warriors FC on 2nd May 2015 at Bedok Stadium.

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Defender Hafiz Osman

Question 1 –

Despite bowing out with three consecutive narrow one-goal marginal losses, how have you and the team prepared for the upcoming game against the Warriors FC ?

Ans: Yes, I agree that it is indeed hard to swallow the painful defeats, especially losing the games by just a single goal margin. We (Geylang International) are indeed disappointed with ourselves but, we have to keep believing that the Eagles are capable of defending well and scoring more goals as we showcased during pre-season. Preparations have started since the day we returned back from Malacca and we are very focused with a positive mindset for the Warriors’ fixture.

Question 2 –

Warriors FC’s current top goal scorer, Nicholas Velez will be serving a suspension after picking up a Red Card last week, against Brunei DPMM. Hence, do you think that without their main talisman, it would be easier to clinch some points against the Warriors ?

Ans: Nicholas Velez is indeed a good player, but we (Geylang International) are not paying any attention about Velez being suspended. Warriors FC are still going to be fielding 11 men whom will be looking for a victory on our backyard. According to me, there will not be any easy games in the S.League, but I believe that Geylang International is a strong team with the ability to give teams a run for their money and earn three points on their given day.

Question 3 –

Who or What do you anticipate to be the biggest challenge in the game ?

Ans: Like I said there will be no easy games in the S.League anymore. Every team in the S.League has improved a lot and have their particular strengths. If you ask me, I think that, we (Geylang International) are our very own biggest challenge in every game. We have to keep on bonding as a team, believing in each other, be mentally prepared and be determined to strive for better results, in order to be a successful club again like how it used to be in the past.

Question 4 –

After the dreaded fixture with Harimau Muda, Coach Jorg Steinbrunner said that the team needed to have the same positive character and attitude for the full 90 minutes as football is about two halves and not just one half. With that in mind, Are you and your teammates confident against Warriors FC ?

Ans: I am confident that we (Geylang International) will play together as one unit and stay focused throughout the game as per our Coach’s instructions. I know that the players are always eager to perform to their best and are constantly hungry to clinch three points in every game.

Question 5 –

Any encouraging words to the determined and dedicated Eagles’ Fans whom will be tuning in to our news feeds or even making their way to Bedok Stadium to rally the Eagles on against Warriors FC ?

Ans: I honestly appreciate all the support that the Geylang International (GIFC) fans have given us. You guys have been tremendous supporting us day in, day out. We really need your constant support. Trust me, the team really want to repay you guys with entertaining football action and of course, the three points.

Furthermore, with our Eagles’ fans constant support, GlFC will promise to give any opponent a hard fight and push ouerselves to claim a win. When I mention GIFC, it does not only refer to the team players or staff but everyone in the, ‘Eagles’ Family’, who is involved with the club directly or indirectly.

We will always acknowledge and celebrate as, ‘One Big Family’ after every performance. Thank You & Geylang Boleh!

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