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5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Dedicated Defender Khairulnizam Jumahat

11129945_1058779844136510_7602745497926054181_oGeylang International’s Steadfast Defender Khairulnizam Jumahat, Shares His Views & Opinions About Facing Hougang United FC In ‘The New Paper League Cup 2015’ Group A Fixture, at Hougang Stadium on 27th June 2015.

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Dedicated Defender Khairulnizam Jumahat

Question 1 –

Congratulations on your emphatic win against Singapore Recreation Club. What has Coach Jorg implemented or worked on during training sessions to improve the Eagles’ game play for their second game of the TNP League Cup 2015 campaign ?

Ans: During our game preparations against SRC last week, Coach Jorg implemented a different approach against the NFL side, where the team worked on 2-touch passing football, quick shifting and staying compact defensively. There will be no changes made to the Hougang Game this Saturday.

Question 2 –

Next up for Geylang, in TNP League Cup 2015 Group A is Hougang United. In the past two league fixtures, you were held to a draw once at Bedok and the other was a loss at Hougang. What are your thoughts going into this fixture and how have the Eagles prepared for the clash this Saturday ?

Ans: This is a League Cup game and it is a different ball game where both team will be raring to go for 90 minutes. Only the top two teams of this group will qualify to the Semi-Finals. We got to do what we have been doing for the past few months, which is to stay focused with a positive approaching mindset and.

Question 3 –

Hougang United have beefed up their squad with quality signings and have a new-look to their second-half of the season. Furthermore, Hougang defeated reigning League Cup champions, Brunei DPMM, 1-0 in their opening TNP League Cup fixture. Your thoughts about facing the revamped and confident Cheetahs at their own backyard ?

Ans: Like I mentioned earlier, it’s always different ball game in the Cup competition. Hence, I am not surprised at Hougang’s result. We do not underestimate any team in the competition and we just have to maintain our teamwork, discipline, positive attitude and we can soar to greater the heights even when the going gets tough.

Question 4 –

Khairulnizam, you have been an out and out, dedicated Eagle for many years. You started with the U-18 squad and rose through the ranks to clinch a coveted spot in the Geylang’s S.League squad. How has your journey with the Eagles been and what do you think of Geylang’s performance this year ?
Do you think Geylang International can win the League Cup for the first time ever, this year ?

Ans: My journey with the Eagles have been both tough and amazing. I faced many obstacles earlier on, such as getting injured in my first year in the Prime League and even missed many games due to surgery, in my first year as a Geylang S.League player. Over time, I am delighted that I have made it this far and am also pleased to have clinched the Prime League championship with Geylang, a few years ago. This year, the Eagles, have been performing well during the league games and better things will come to us, if we continue to work hard. Definitely , we want to go all the way to the Cup Finals and possibly, lift the League Cup trophy. However, we have to stay on top of Group A first and then in God’s Will, progress to the Grand Finals from the Semi-Finals.

Question 5 –

Any words to the dedicated Eagles’ Fans/Supporters and Eagles’ Ultras whom will be tuning in to our news feeds or even making their way to Hougang Stadium to rally on their favourite team, GEYLANG INTERNATIONAL ?

Ans: I would like to say a big THANK YOU, to all fans, supporters, friends and family members whom have been great supporters all the way . Through good and bad days, you guys have been there, rain or shine, supporting the Eagles. Keep on supporting the Eagles and together we can soar to greater heights. #GeylangBoleh

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