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5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Classy BraveHeart Defender Hafiz Osman

Geylang International’s Classy and BraveHeart Defender Hafiz Osman shares his opinions as an Eagle and his thoughts about the upcoming fixture against Brunei DPMM on 3rd November 2015 at the Bedok Stadium.

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Classy BraveHeart Defender Hafiz Osman

Question 1 –

How do you feel about the victory against Home United and possibly getting out of the dreaded bottom spot for at least 48 hours?

Ans: It always feels good to be winning, but we have to be more consistent in our game. It has always been, poor one half and good on another half. If we’re consistently good in both halves for every game, we would not be in the position, we are currently stuck at now. This team has plenty of quality and we have proven it against those big teams above us.

Question 2 –

Who is your favourite Player and Which is your favourite Club in the World Of Football?

Ans: My Favourite Player would be Pep Guardiola and My Favourite Team would be Liverpool FC, as I have been a fan of the Merseyside Red, since Roy Evans era.


Question 3 –

Whom will be your all-time S.League XI Selection and Which FORMATION would you utilize?

Ans: 4-3-3.

Goalkeeper –
Hassan Sunny

Defenders – 4
Kenji Arai – LB
Hairi Suap – CB
Nenad Bacina – CB
Hafiz Osman – RB

Midfielders – 3
Therdsak Chaiman – CM
Ivica Raguz – CM
Noh Rahman – CM

Forwards – 3
Shahril Ishak – RF
Mikro Grabovac – CF
Noh Alam Shah – LF

Question 4 –

Other than soccer, I do understand that there you are running a fitness business?

Ans: Other than football, I am a part time fitness trainer. I am currently working for a new company in the fitness industry called, Ooberfit. I started off as a freelancer in July 2014, helping my boss Sam Blakey. She started the company and it has been successfully running since February 2015. So far I have been enjoying, working with people whom want to change their lifestyle into a fitter and healthier image. I am still new and am constantly learning. With my football experience, I would love to mix it up and maybe would like to train an elite football team, in the future.


Question 5 –

How do you feel going up against the current league leaders, Brunei DPMM and are you confident of bagging a win against the Wasps?

Ans: After every game, whether win or lose, I always look forward to the next game. I always want to do better than the previous game. The team is not bothered on who we playing against, we just want to do our best and win the game. Obviously, we would not want to see a foreign team winning our league, hence, the team will be focused to derail the Wasps’ title ambitions. We, the Eagles are also confident to finish the season on a high.

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