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5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Captain Fantastic Jozef Kaplan

1556386_1099884236692737_1924139333936214516_oGeylang International’s Captain and Prolific Striker, Jozef Kaplan Shares His Views & Opinions About Facing Brunei DPMM, In ‘The New Paper League Cup 2015’ Final Group A Fixture, At The Jalan Besar Stadium On 02nd July 2015.

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Captain Fantastic Jozef Kaplan

Question 1 –

It was a painful draw to accept in the last game against the Cheetahs. How is the morale of the Eagles currently and how has the team geared up for the clash against Brunei DPMM ?

Ans: The unfortunate draw against Hougang, was indeed painful and agonizing, especially when we were still two goals up after 80 minutes. However, end of the day we played according to our coaches’ instructions and performed well to achieve our goal of staying on top of the table. The Eagles’ morale is stronger as ever as we are aware of the do-or-die situation and we will be going all out to achieve our target – qualification to Semi-Finals.

Question 2 –

What has Coach Jorg implemented or introduced during the training sessions to improve the Eagles’ game play against Brunei DPMM ?

Ans: Honestly, Coach did not say anything special but we take every training seriously. Geylang constantly give our best in both trainings and matches. The Eagles are looking forward to the game against DPMM and according to me, it does not matter, who the opponents are, Geylang will work very hard as team and try to win the game.

Question 3 –

It is a do-or-die fixture between the Eagles and Wasps. Your thoughts about DPMM and their hotshot striking duo Rafael Ramazotti and Paulo Sergio ? Do you think our defence will be able to handle the heat ?

Ans: We all are aware of DPMM’s offensive threats. We know how fast and strong Ramazottti and Sergio are. However, I always had faith and believed that my teammates have what it takes to keep the fabulous DPMM duo at bay. Overall I am confident in Geylang’s defence including goalkeeper, Yazid Yazin as they are strong, smart and spirited enough to handle them

Question 4 –

Goals have been raining for Geylang during The New Paper League Cup in 2015. With the Eagles scoring six goals in two games, do you think you and the Eagles have what it takes to score and end the 11 game winless drought against DPMM ?

Ans: Honestly, I am very happy to see the whole team have a good start to the competition with good scoring momentum. The Eagles will continue to work hard, to add more goals to achieve the target, which was set before the competition, and that is to qualify for the next round. Every game is different from another as there will be different starting elevens, different game-plays and etc. Hence, being winless in 11 games will not be the focal point of tomorrow’s clash but instead, soaring to the next round, with a good performance and a possible victory, will be the main objective.

Question 5 –

Any words to the dedicated Eagles’ Fans/Supporters and Eagles’ Ultras whom will be tuning in to our news feeds or even making their way to Jalan Besar Stadium to rally on their favourite team, GEYLANG INTERNATIONAL ?

Ans: I would like to say a big THANK YOU, to all fans, supporters, friends and family members whom are constantly behind us for all our games. You guys know very well that the Eagles need support from you against DPMM, this Thursday. I wish and hope that, after the final whistle, we all can cheer and celebrate together. Please do come down to Jalan Besar Stadium and packed the seats with Green and White. We, the Eagles will do our very best, to showcase a good performance to entertain the crowd and score some goals, to get a possible favourable result.

Thank you & GeylangBoleh!

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