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5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Budding Goalkeeper Farhan Amin

Geylang International’s eager and budding goalkeeper, Farhan Amin shares his experience as an Eagle player and his thoughts about the upcoming fixture against Warriors FC, on 29th August 2015 at Choa Chu Kang Stadium.

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Eagles’ Budding Goalkeeper Farhan Amin

Question 1 –

What do you think went wrong against the Courts Young Lions at Bedok Stadium, last week ?

Ans: Against Courts Young Lions, I felt that we lacked concentration and communication in the game. The goals the Young Lions scored are not well taken goals. They took their chances after our defending lapses and errors. After Jozef Kaplan scored the first goal, very early in the game, I thought we eventually would end our losing streak. However, the tables turned and we had to taste defeat at our own backyard.

Question 2 –

Your thoughts about the upcoming game vs reigning S.League champions, Warriors FC ?

Ans: For this game, we all know that we have give our very best to win the game. Playing away at Choa Chu Kang will not be easy, but we have what it take to beat them. This whole week, our preparation for this game have been really good as we have been working very hard, to improve in every aspect of our game. Players are looking motivated to do better for this game. The coaching staff have also brought us together, to watch the video of our previous game against CYL, to rectify our mistakes. Definitely, we are a really good team, a good team in the mixture of experience and youngsters. We are all determined to get through this tough time and go back to winning ways. If we can beat them the last time we played, I don’t see any reason why we cannot do it again. We believe, we can do it.


Question 3 –

What were your previous clubs and Why is Geylang a special club to you ?

Ans: I started out at Geylang U-14 and when I was 15, I played for our rival club, Tampines Rovers and after one year, I was selected to be in the National Football Academy. Right after, I graduated from the NFA system in 2008, I signed for Geylang’s Prime League Team in 2009. I was an Eagle all along except for the year 2014, when I signed for Home United. In 2015, I was given a chance to come back Geylang International, the club that I have been supporting, since I was a young boy. When I was young, I used to go and watch S.League matches with my friends as Bedok Stadium, was the nearest to my house. Whichever club I go to, Geylang always has a special spot in my heart.

Question 4 –

Why do you love being a custodian between the posts and who is your goalkeeping idol in the world ?

Ans: It all started back in Primary Four, during the school football team trials. My teacher from Damai Primary School, Mr Jeffrey De Souza, told me that I have a physical attributes and then he gave me a pair of gloves and forced me to play as a goalkeeper. Surprisingly, I turn out to be better than my friends whom, came to try out as a goalkeeper. Ever since then, I became a goalkeeper. Its fun to be one. I love the feeling of making good saves. It makes me feel really proud. I have really enjoyed myself playing as a goalkeeper all these years.

For a local keeper, it has to be Yazid Yasin. It is an honour to be friends and teammates with him. When I was younger, whenever I had the chance to watch him play, I get pretty excited. He is a different kind of goalkeeper that Singapore has produced. He is small, but he jumps higher then most of the other players. I first met him, when I came to Geylang in 2009. 6 years later, we were reunited back at Geylang and he has not changed a tiny bit in terms of his training, always giving 110 percent.

My personal world favourite has to be Ben Foster, a former Manchester United  goalkeeper whom now plays for West Bromwich Albion in the Barclays Premier League. He is very athletic, fast and good with aerial ball threats.


Question 5 –

In trainings, who or whom do you think has the best eye on goal and is very good at scoring at goals ?

Ans: There are indeed a few of them whom truly can place the ball at their desired spot such as Tatsuro Inui, Muztaqim Manzur, Jozef Kaplan, Hafiz Nor and Shawal Anuar. There are also players like Sevki Shaban and Hafiz Osman, whom, are good at scoring cheeky goals that could embarrassed any goalkeeper at trainings. I myself, have been a victim for a few times this season already. According to me, the best at scoring is definitely, our club captain, Jozef Kaplan. He doesn’t give chance to any of the goalkeepers. He just smashes the ball towards the goal and sometimes even at a tight angle, he does score nice goals.


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