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5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Dazzling Winger, Gabriel Quak aka GQ7

Geylang International’s Dazzling Winger, Gabriel Quak aka ‘GQ7’, Shares His Views & Opinions About Being A Geylang Eagle.

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Dazzling Winger, Gabriel Quak aka GQ7

Question 1 –

Facing a gutsy Balestier side tonight in The New Paper League Cup, what do you think of Coach Noor Ali presence in the League Cup, inclusion of the young Prime League players in the squad and your goal scoring drought?

Ans: Coach Noor Ali knows what he wants and is precise with his decisions. I strongly believe he is someone who can get the best out of me and his target would definitely to be the champions with his former P.League boys and us. I am truly excited and delighted on the youngsters being given a chance to prove themselves. I really like Noor Ariff, a very classy midfielder and especially Ifwat Ismail, whom is truly a smart striker. I also believe Justin has the potential to be a good centre-back and has to be given a chance to impress. Apart from the rest, Asshukrie is another, whom shows size does not really matter, and in fact I can see a good telepathy forming up with him, as he knows specifically where my runs are and the type of long-balls, I prefer. I am actually not worried about not scoring from open play. After netting a goal from the penalty spot so far, and creating 2 in the previous game, I am more than happy. Creating also means scoring for me, this is a team sport. I believe by creating, then the goals will flow naturally. Everyday is an opportunity for me to improve to be a better player, and I believe the second half of the season will be a good one for me, so far it has started pretty nicely for me.

Question 2 –

Whom is your local and international football idol? What did you learnt most from the both of them?
Ans: Local – Alex Duric & International – Lionel Messi / Arjen Robben

Alex for his professionalism, discipline and dedication about the game and particularly how he takes care of his body, which reflects the reason on his extensive playing career – which I would love to have.

For my idols, Messi and Robben, they are both left legged, hence, I like their style of play and that is why I try to model my game after theirs. They make beating defenders look so easy, and their overall game play. But I model my game more to Robben, whom plays on the wings. I always think left legged players are special, same goes for left handed in other sports. They have an edge over the righties!

Question 3 –

Gabriel, you have been plying your trade with the Eagles for a season and a half, name three things that make GIFC stand out from the rest and why?

Ans: 1st- The fans are simply on the next level. All fan groups have been there through our ups and downs, which is something motivating. Not forgetting, the Ultra Eagles, who are there every game and signing their lungs out for the full game. I really appreciate their support and passion, which makes a player subconsciously, put in more effort.

2nd- The cohesiveness in the dressing room, the players are all very comfortable with one another and I think that is very important, because it is our ‘workplace’, we see each other everyday. Identical to an office job, if you are not happy how do you go to work everyday, even on weekends.

3rd- The rich history of the club, although I have not won anything, the legacy of the EAGLES live on and history is something that cannot be erased or forgotten. GeylangBoleh!

Question 4 –

What is your greatest achievement (playing with BPL teams, representing SGP or etc) and which is/are your memorable moment and/or goal?

Ans: My greatest achievement would have to be representing and playing for the National Team. My most memorable moment will be scoring on my debut on my first cap for Singapore. I remembered we won 5-2 and I scored 1, assisted by Shahril Ishak and I returned the favour as well with an assist to Hafiz Rahim. That is certainly a proud moment for me as most top players are not able to do that on their first cap as it is the first and only chance, so I am honoured to have that in my CV. Another moment I will never forget is my third cap for the nation, where I came on in the second half and scored against Syria in the Asian cup qualifier where we won the game 2-1. That was a really special and unforgettable goal.

Question 5 –

We know the dedicated football with dashing good looks on the left-flank, but how is life now being a husband and a father, and while juggling a professional football contract?
Ans: Dashing good looks only? Haha, how come nobody told me that before. Anyways, life is more different now with more commitments and responsibilities especially being a dad but I am certainly enjoying it. I see things differently now and think more maturely off the field because what I do now, I only think of my family, they are all that matters. And football is a short career, but it is my passion and something I never regret choosing. I am truly blessed to have the fullest support from my wife and parents, so I just want to make the best out of the experience and when I retire, I want to look back at only happy memories and share with the young, the everlasting golden moments of ‘GQ7’.

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